Gameflip Club is great fun and all..

But are there any plans for a better subscription for bigger sellers? I love the idea of beginner sellers on here not having to pay commission and digital fees at the price of 1 dollar, but as for me and probably some other sellers, the 50.00 sales were gone in less than day. What do I do for the next 29 days?

Pay $8 more on your first $200 of sales.

By killing off Gold Gameflip are ensuring that they effectively double their returns through sale fees for those who sell anything from $200 upwards (on the first $200).

Dunn Biscuit has posted previously advising that when they have more information on alternative/future subscription models they will provide it. Truthfully I don’t know that they will.

If we pass on the costs/losses by raising listing prices then they will get an even bigger return so leaving things as they are is very favorable.

It’s only if people start leaving the platform or stop listing to the same degree that they will be incentivized to change.

I hope I’m wrong and Gameflip do right by their sellers because without any product the platform doesn’t exist.

I ran into the same thing with it being gone in a day. I appreciate that they did 0% on this subscription but at only 50$ versus the 4% at 200 last time. I understand they have margins they need to make but I probably would be willing to pay a monthly fee for a reduced percentage rate, similar to their platinum (can’t remember name) plan that was 9.99 last time. Issue with that plan for me was on the specific platform of delivery it didn’t benefit me because I can’t auto deliver. I do hope they come out with something.

Hello guys!

Thanks for your opinions regarding this situation, they do matter to us.

We are assessing the subscription situation as I previously said and whenever I have news, I’ll come back here and let you guys know.

Thank you.