Fees and commissions

Good morning, I’m thinking of leaving the platform, because I see no way out. the gameflip is charging 10% on all sales, this 1 plan and can sell only 50 without fee every month. has other websites that are charging 4.7%. the skins are no longer worth anything and we still have to pay 10% fee, it gets very heavy. I’m a featured store in gameflip and I believe that stores like this should have a differential in the rate plan. I believe my duration for sales on this site is coming to an end. I would like the gameflip to reassess this condition before the site loses the remaining vendors and that over time have helped and much the gameflip become the site it is today! before we could give beautiful discounts for sales and today we can not count on so many discounts, I take the opportunity to apologize to the buyers for not getting a more affordable price for them. My welcome is over and I sincerely hope that the website will review yours fees .
Waiting answer from gameflip !!!

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I would hold tight for a little while more but my concern is that it will take several big sellers moving to other platforms or just simply stopping to effect a change.

Its only been about 4 weeks but I would hope we’ll have an answer to the Subscription change question soon. Even an answer saying we are happy with the current models, we want to continue to review the current models, we are taking the views of our users/sellers/buyers, we didn’t think the previous subscriptions were varied/flexible enough would be better than plain silence.