Subscription plan - Gameflip Club

DunnBiscuit advised about 4 weeks ago that they would have an update on new subscription plans in a week’s time:

About a week ago they were still reviewing this:

And this thread would suggest that there are alot of other sellers in agreement. $50 is gone in a day or two and at that stage the fees are starting to become quite prohibitive especially when you get charged again to withdraw your money.

It is becoming harder and harder to even break even with the fees and current subscription model and as I have said before: We are the product, without any sellers there is nothing to buy and nothing to charge a fee on.

I still hope that something will change because the previous subscriptions seemed fine, arguably not enough on the cap or requiring another option for higher volume sellers, but it certainly didn’t seem like they needed to pull them completely. The cynic in me thinks this is to review if prices will be hiked by sellers and sales continue = more profit in which case they will know they can maintain the current subscription models or if the number of listed items will drop off = an issue for concern and they will simply default back to the old system.

We shall see. I do hope they are waiting on results of some surveys and/or they are trying to model something a bit more bespoke with a higher cap for non-casual sellers.