Gameflip Gold Subscription Starts Today!

Hello Flippers!

Today we’re bringing a new feature to all fellow sellers:


What is it?
You get an amazing 4% sales commission and 0% digital fees for selling any items on Gameflip, with a sales cap of $200.

How much does it cost?
You can now enroll for F-R-E-E our 14 day trial and test the subscription without spending a single dime.
After the 14 days and if your subscription is still active, you will be charged $4 USD every 30 days.

How can I apply?
Log into your Gameflip account and go to Wallet/Subscriptions. Currently available on only.

I use the Gameflip app on my phone only. What should I do?
The website is the only place you can enroll to the subscription plan at this moment, but the benefits remain regardless if you use web or mobile to list and sell your items.

Click on the image below and visit the subscriptions page

Further questions?

Visit now our FAQ

Please reply to this topic if you have further questions.

Happy flipping!


savings that are capped at 8$ a month are not very “amazing”. Just like the 1-2$ bonuses were pointless. How about you stop selling cheap CSGO skins, that are bought only by bots, and combine all that into something thats really worthy to all costumers.

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Well, remember, the products on this site are all posted by folks and bought by folks like you and me. So if you want to see more of the stuff you want, you have to encourage others to sell. Also, if you actually do have proof of bots spamming the market here, a better place to take that info would be the press instead of trolling.

The deal is actually really awesome for folks on the site/app who buy and sell regularly. I do sell but not often enough to take advantage of the subscription here. Does that mean it sucks? No, it just means that I get more bang for my buck by not investing in the subscription.

In short, and conclusion, if you don’t like it then don’t buy it. Otherwise, Caveat Emptor my friend. That has always held true for any shop, online or not.

what are you talking about, i repeat, savings are CAPPED at 8$, not only is that not amazing, its also pretty worthless. I didn’t buy it, i sell enough to make that 8$ feel completely worthless, and that is why im posting. You obviously dont sell much on the site since you have no idea that all you can get is 8$ if you sell at least 200$, so dont lie plz.


While other sites encourage sales and purchases through fee cuts, it seems like you are kneading money … you earn from selling a product you lose when sending money to your bank or paypal … so you’re skinned 2 times it seems That taxes are 15% of that are so small price reductions … how could I pay 4 dollars for a limit of 200 dollars … i think it is a joke … as I said you are more in the loss here , Other sites are attracting vendors through fee cuts … this example
Seller Fee Schedule
Total Sales (EUR) Fee
0.00 ~ 1,000.99 7.00%
1,001.00 ~ 2,500.99 6.00%
2,501.00 ~ 10,000.99 5.50%
10,001.00 ~ 40,000.99 5.00%
40,001.00 ~ 4.50%
Sale fees will be lowered as you sell more items !
is good this …have more example like this !


Please tell me if someone used whole 200$ before 10 days of gold subscription end. can he reactivate it 10days before subscription end or he have to wait 10 days then after that he can reactivate

Regardless of the usage, the subscription gets renewed after the end of current billing cycle if not stopped.

The subscriber can reactivate the subscription at any time, but it will only reset the cap if it’s a new billing cycle.

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It means we can use Gold Subscription more than one time in a month if we resubscribe it?
because someone said me gameflip only give 1 gold subscription package in 1 month. To activate it again we have to first wait for expiry date then reactivate again.


First billing cycle = trial period
Second and all upcoming billing cycles = a month

The button to activate or deactivate won’t reset the billing cycle, so you cannot use the cap more than once per month.

My suggestion is , if you want legal card sellers in gameflip then increase Cap or allow it more then once per month. Other wise only those who are getting cards illegally at 60% or 70% make profit from it, not like me who get legal cards with proofs at 85% or 90% because your own commision without subscription is like total 11% of product and 1.5$+1% in withdrawing. so how can think those who have legal cards will come to gameflip?

Thanks for sharing your feedback on your margins with us.

The Gold Subscription is helping us understand better some trends in the marketplace and we planning few changes/improvements in the near future. Hopefully we will be able to accommodate better bulk seller margins.


@galacticarm can you help me please by explaining to me this gold subscription.

I almost understood everything but expect that

When I reach the sales cap, what will happen then? Will gameflip take normal fees?

From reading the help article, suppose you sell an item for $100, then another item for $75, then another item for $50. That’s three items for $225, which if I’m reading the article correctly, all those items count toward the 4% commission, and the next (fourth) item you sell will no longer be eligible. You may need to ask or to be sure.

Thank you very much
Appreciate your help

I’ll be contacting the support