Do the Mods actually sell on gameflip?

I am legitimately curious at this point whether the mods sell on Gameflip or not. As of recently we have been getting absolutely screwed by fees. Not only are we paying for subscriptions to get lower commission (Alas still paying commission), but now with Paypal gone we are forced to use Skill or Payoneer. After long amounts of research I decided I trusted Payoneer more and setup an account. Well to my surprise, my first deposit a whopping $10 was taken by the time it reached Payoneer let alone my bank account. If you are going to charge us for lower commission fees and to withdrawal, at least display the correct fees ect. Withdrawing from Gameflip said that I would be charged $7 to withdraw which is already egregious, however when I checked my Payoneer they snagged an extra $3 in the process. I am then charged another $1.50 to withdraw to my bank account. As cool as it is getting slammed with at least 10-15% commissions and fees, this is getting out of hand. This site is in a consistent state of beta mode and things are constantly changing for the better or worse. We are now forced to use the mobile app to update our online status. This is a pain because the Gameflip app doesn’t load half the time. Even if it does load I can rarely check my listings or comments.

I’m super frustrated paying for multiple memberships costing $1, $4 and $15, then paying a direct 8% commission, paying an extra 1%+$1, and paying $1.50. At the end of the day I have to up-charge my customers a huge percent simply to break even. This has driven traffic way down.

Is there a new subscription we could think about for large sellers that’s not $15 a month and still 8% commission. This discourages me from selling more than $550 a month. With everything else changing on Gameflip I believe it is about time this dated subscription is revamped. Paying $15 a month for 8% commission seems a bit ridiculous when casual sellers sell at a 10% commission. I believe if you are selling over $550 a month you should be rewarded rather than punished. I’m not asking for a 2% commission, but it doesn’t make sense that the more you sell the higher your commission is. I’m sure the mods paycheck comes from our commission, but keeping the rate a consistent 4-6% would be respectable and help the site out a lot.

I’m not trying to be malicious and I respect the platform we have before us, I just don’t think it’s a good idea to stick your top sellers between a rock and a hard place.


Yeah its a big load of bs if ask me shouldnt be fees at all

Maybe question should be “Where do Mods actually sell their stuff and why not Gameflip?”

I have to play devils advocate here. The mods do a decent amount with updating the site and the mobile app. I can’t say it would make sense to have no fees at all, because they are putting work in on their end. Whether they are fixing the right things or not, it is still their time and effort. I just wish we as sellers received more in the way of services and support if we are being charged this much.

Haha. That would also be a fair question. I wonder how much the few that run this site are paid? Perhaps all the funds go straight to the creator of the site, I am not sure. Regardless they’re making bank. Just in the Rocket League community alone there are hundreds, if not thousands of sales each day/week. That’s ignoring Dota, Borderlands, Fallout, Fortnite, CSGO, Pokemon, ect.

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So rather than bring up a formal complaint and petitioning for change you are simply going to bend over for the mods? I have been selling on here for about 2 years and I am well aware how little us sellers are thought about. I just see how it’s beneficial to simply complain of lost funds. I do not partake in any shady business activity and do not fear being banned. Again, I am simply calling for change. Whether that happens or not isn’t up to me, but at least this is a place where we can voice our concerns. Sorry about the ban, chin up. With that kind of money per month you can simply pay for your own domain as well as a web guy that will upkeep your site.

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ppl have tried for years, never changes lol

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One can only hope mate. These mods have to have feels in there somewhere.

Mods are good n fast usually, but past 3 weeks have been a bit slower for some reason. n Yes they sell on gameflip too

I’ve never really had any issues with them on the forums. The only issue I’ve ever had, except lining their pockets, was an inaccurate answer to my question. I had gotten an automatic negative review from a user cancelling their order. Myself and the buyer had agreed on a time past the 24 hours and he cancelled the item to purchase another. Hit me with the negative rating, so I came here to see about getting the automatic rating system switched up a bit. I was then told my negative rating was from me cancelling several orders in a short time as opposed to that one buyer. Guess someone didn’t do their homework that day.

how much time did you put on delivery ? 3 days to deliver or 1 or 2?

I always do 24 hours. I normally cancel after the 24h, but me and the buyer had an arranged time after the 24h. I made the mistake of trusting him and he cancelled and bought another one of my items not knowing what it’d do to my ratings. All in all technically my fault, but they claim you get automatic negatives for repetitive cancellations as a seller. I have never noticed this and I’ve cancelled 3-4 orders at a time because of vaction ect.

You said you have been selling for 2 years, jeez. You dont know that after the time limit order gets auto-cancelled, and seller gets negative automatically, its gameflip rules lol

I’ve never had an order “Auto-cancel”. It simply gives the buyer the option to cancel after that span…

So far for me or my friends it auto cancels, I have tested it. :confused:

Do you sell in game items, codes, collectibles, etc? I only sell in game items and as long as nobody touches the cancel button we have drawn trades out for weeks.

I sell both

I mean codes and in game items

Hello everyone,

Just so your aware:

Processing fees are a percentage-based fee that’s charged along with every payment processed through credit, debit, prepaid cards or Bitcoin.

These fees come from our payment processor (Ingenico) with every transaction that happens.

We have, as a company, been eating these costs until now. This will help us to continue to be able to provide users with the best possible marketplace experience, as well as give back to the community more often.

To read more about the processing fees, you can visit our FAQ article here:

@yousafzafar, we have been giving support to the users in this forum as fast as we can. We try to provide the best possible experience. So we do our best to provide feedbacks and resolve issues ASAP. Also, in the past 3 weeks we have been very active here and no, we don’t sell anything on Gameflip.

God Speed! :trident: