fees in gameflip

i want to know fees because im selling psn card and fees very expensive can i know how any subs is good for me

It shouldn’t be a lot. The fee is okay but if you have a $100 card you might be charged, like, 15 bucks off it. Best thing to do before you sell it is try the free trial to reduce your fees for 30 days or so. I’m not a moderator but I’m pretty sure that’s right

yes i try this 30 day free trial but not ok for me

im seller and i have alot of products but fees is very expensive

Dang, well that’s how these apps are. They have to charge a few to make money. Sorry my dood but your out of luck

you cant charge in this marketplace because many user here ripper, scammer ,spammer
sell by cheap rate

Read this help article https://gameflip.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/205008248-Gameflip-selling-fees

Or try to create a listing, and it tells you what fees would incur!