Selling Fees High on Gameflip after Ultra Club subscription

i am selling on gameflip and my sell is too high when i was used all subscription of gameflip Ultra Club ,Pro Club , Gamer Club and still 15 days is left for subscription renew so for next 15 days my selling will stop almost . because when subscription was active i was listed item at higher discount so daily transaction going day to day , but once all subscription sales Cap reached Gameflip start charge 10% fees but i was not earning much in this case so i down the discount to 4% on all item . now my selling almost stopped only 3-4 item sold every daily . this is ridiculous gameflip must give special subscription to High Selling seller . Seller also want to earn money and gameflip also . but in this case Seller earning also sop and when seller earning stop then gameflip also earn nothing . Gameflip must take decision on this issue . please help me also on this issue my selling almost stop .

this is my profile code : Your Code: TVHG2A

@DunnBiscuit could u help on this special case .

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Hello, thanks for the suggestion about this.

I’ll páss it along to the team so we can see what can be done.


looking for positive resolution on this issue . please try to resolve issue asap .