( Suggestion & Appeal ) Gameflip Reduce Selling Fees to 4% , after Ultra Club Subscription ...

Hello All Seller who can sell high volume gift card on Gameflip but due to Gameflip System unable to sell because after ULTRA CLUB subscription Gameflip start charging them 10% fees for selling . and when Gameflip charge 10% fees some seller stopped Selling until next renewal . or some seller decrease discount like me . this not fair , Gameflip most earning from High Cap seller because they Sell quality gift cards and quality service to buyer . Gameflip Buyer base made High Cap genuine seller .so Gameflip must take care those type of Seller by providing some speical feature like a Special subscription only for High Cap seller who selling more then $5550 . if Gameflip support their High Cap Seller then Gameflip also earn huge amount of profit from them .because if they sell high Volume gift card like 30-40K in monthly imagine how much fees came from them @4% selling fees . i think approx $1200-$1600 only from one seller .

If Gameflip give them Special option like 4% selling fees after ultra club subscription cap reach only then any seller can activate that Plan .

Benefit of Giving Speical Subscription :

  1. Plan condition some like this plan activate only when u selling Cap reached in ultra club . by adding this only High Cap seller get benefit .because they are special who making buyer base here on Gameflip .

  2. if you give them 4% selling option they will give higher discount to buyer , higher discount means lot of buyer attract by them ,it mean Gameflip buyer base become more strong . Gameflip become more populor .

Special Feature must be provided to Special Subscription Seller

1 Faster Gameflip Support like response in 2-3 hour not like now waiting for support email all day 24-48 hour . Seller get frustrated .

  1. Special Phone or Chat Support to Seller .

  2. Help them to increase Selling or Promote those Seller Listing like on gameflip front page , run some extra promotion on there listing by gameflip .

4 Most important most necessary is payout for those seller who withdraw money by BTC Payment Method . Gameflip must process those Seller payment faster like 1-2 hour . i seen or also faced personally some time Gameflip not do payment for 2-3 days when BTC fluctuate . that’s kind of tricky thing Gameflip doing . Gameflip think they give less BTC to Seller if BTC price goes up .

i already faced this issue my payment stuck for few days and when BTC price was double then Gameflip payout to me . that very disappointed step done by gameflip to me or may be with other seller also .

  1. Withdraw Fees must be Zero for those Seller who subscribe the Special Subscription . the feature also important Seller’s helping your community to Grow and making famous all over the internet , also making your buyer base strong . then u must support your Seller .

this is all i have suggestion about Special Subscription . Must implemented asap . my Selling also stop almost to zero . during Pro Club Selling was high and when Ultra club subscribe Selling decrease little more because Selling fees 8% but after that Selling fees goes to 10% i decrease discount and my Selling almost stop only 1-2 item selling in 24 hour . that’s too much disappointed me . how Gameflip System and Management work .

So My advice to Gameflip Team or Owner please take this important Step for Seller . they need your support . if not support to seller they soon stop Selling here soon , and gameflip people killing its System if not implement this Suggestion . think about this very deeply .




i got reply from Gameflip Support , so time to get together all Seller . Gameflip will reduce fees if we come together and all seller escalate issue to gameflip support by ticket or comment here in this topic by as many as sellers .

Thank you for these suggestions.

Regarding the fees, we suggest that the other sellers sent us some tickets or contact us through the forum, so we can have a better estimative of how many sellers are facing this issue and their opinions about it.

If you have further questions or issues, please contact us back or visit our Help Center at https://gameflip.zendesk.com/hc/en-us

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It’s always been logical if marketplace give low fees for sellers then prices that sellers offer will be more attractive to customers. On the other side Gameflip also should earn money for operating such big service.
The idea to give some extra “sweets” to powersellers sounds good and I’m sure Gameflip should look into it.
Some time ago I was thinking about having few accounts so I could use Ultra Club subscription on both of them, but I don’t think it is allowed.

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I hope gameflip look into this issue and reduce fees for High Cap Seller , i am posting this forum link on every High Cap Seller Listing let see how many seller join this wave .

Very good suggestion!!!

What about Gameflip seller protection?? Gameflip does not offer any protection for us(sellers)
I got scammed 3 times with the well know “code already remeemed” trick.
They redeems the code to any account of his choice. After redeeming they takes a screenshot showing already redeemed. Sends screenshot that the code was already redeemed.

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here is solution for you Seller protection . and to avoid any fraud happen in gameflip .
this Suggestion can completely remove fraud issue for Some gift card like PSN,XBOX,Nintendo etc…

Thanks, but i talked about Amazon gift cards.

Amazon gift card reselling not allowed as per Amazon policy , if u report about to amazon about this they also not help on this , check amazon gift card selling policy .

And topic Link I provided you not work in this case because amazon removes checker from website few months ago . But a smarter programmer and developers can do this . Before delivery gameflip must add a gift card checker so seller must protected in this case .

Gameflip support or team if u people facing any issue regarding gift card checker adding in system I can help u short out your problem .

Thanks, can you PM me with your solution about my problem? Thank you

Is allowed to have more than one account. But if you will break rules on one, all your other will get suspended

Handling more then account so much frustrating work . I think also against gameflip policy . Gameflip just bounded all the Seller’s. If seller break any rules they kick out the seller from market place without listing anything . So better is change in gameflip selling rules and selling fees charges after ultra club cap reached must . Other market place like G2A many other offer to seller sell on there website and also reduce selling fees if selling is high .

That’s why Gameflip must take a action on this issue otherwise soon seller shift other market place . Gameflip will be dead in future .

Why do you speak only about Gift card sellers? All other sellers pays 10% and have to deliver each order manually. It’s hard work. I think all High Cap sellers must pay less fee. 4% would be OK

that’s what i am saying . my concern not regarding Gift card seller whose selling high . My concern regarding about the seller whose Selling cap higher then $5550 . and Gameflip should take action . because majority of Gameflip earning came from these seller . because they sell high volume item and there cap is too high . but Gameflip not listening i think . i was open the ticket in past but still no result came out yet .

also i was gave them very good suggestion to avoid any scam happen with Buyer and seller . check my other topic .but i think Gameflip Programmer and developer are weak to develop that type of system which can avoid any scam and provide seller or buyer protection automatic no Human involvement need ,

in current system lot of flaw in Gameflip and Fraud buyer and seller taking benefit of that flaw .few days back some buyer try to scam me but i handle the scam properly and provided evidence and Transaction goes in my favor .

Basic thing is Gameflip Still need to improve lot of thing in system and management . must improve the system to feel seller and buyer secure on Gameflip and without any fear. buyer and seller deal with each other . but in this system some time i am also feel insecure because some buyer behavior is very unusual . but still i need to deal with them because i want to sell gift card . and want to earn money .

Let See what result came out . My advise to above Friend please share this thread to every seller so they can join this wave and raise voice about this issue , and Gameflip take decision on this issue faster . Gameflip and Seller both earn here without any issue and Feel happy to dealing here .

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I am seller on gameflip as well as g2a.com, both marketplace are good but when We compare both, G2A seller fee is low and they also have gift card checker It prevent fraud on website.
People continuously scamming sellers because they know gameflip has no fraud detection or gift card checker and whenever buyer open dispute for the things like, “gift card already redeemed”, It’s impossible to proof seller side.
In recent case, buyer scammed with me and gameflip suspended my account.
I am not selling on gameflip until they reduce seller fees and create fraud detection or gift card checker system.
One more thing I want to clear, I think gameflip marketplace is created for retail marketplace not for digital sales, and because of this, gameflip never implemented the website.


Thanks for the suggestion guys.

As I told @Lucifer before, I’ll pass those to the team so we can see what can be done.


We Hope for positive response from gameflip team .

1o days gone approx but still no update by gameflip team on my ticket and also on this topic .

@DunnBiscuit what;s wrong with Gameflip system my Ultra club subscription renewed 2 days ago . and my Selling cap showing already reached and now you people charge 10% selling fees even after Ultra club subscription renewal .

What’s wrong with your system , do some correction in your system . i sold more then 20+ item and on all item gameflip charge me 10% selling fees .

A subscription lasts 30 days (“Expires On”). Your renewal charge (“Payment On”) is for the next day 30 days. If you look at your subscription, the “Payment On” date happens before the “Expires On” date.