Gameflip must improve Gift card delivery system using Gift Card checker

Gameflip must improve system for buyer and seller by adding some extra feature which i previously high light to gameflip support but gameflip not taking my suggestion seriously .

1. Gameflip must add Gift Card Balance checker in System for some gift card like PSN , Xbox ,Nintendo . these website not add balance directly in account . first checker check balance and show to customer then customer can take decision to add balance in account or not . Gameflip cane add this feature in system during delivery of gift cards Just a simple script can do this thing i don’t why Gameflip not added this feature in system may be Good developer and programmer people not hired by Gameflip ,

For Ex. When Seller doing gift card to buyer he put gift card in gameflip website right after that a simple script run on server and back end PSN,XBOX or Nintendo account created by Gameflip check the gift card is good or used and also show balance of gift card . by doing this Gameflip easily detect fraud buyer if any buyer doing fraud with seller . so if buyer open false dispute Gameflip Ban that fraud buyer and give decision in Seller favour . and most important with this feature Seller never can do fraud because he unable to deliver wrong gift card or used gift card to buyer . because Gameflip System Never approve that gift card for deceiver . Sounds like very Good and effective system .

By adding this feature lot of time saving for buyer and seller and also time saving which waste during Dispute . less customer support needed ,

i have many more suggestion which can improve Gameflip system . Gameflip become more secure for buyer & Seller . and also soon become most famous website for gift card seller and buyer .

let me know if u want any more suggestion , few suggestion i was already provided previously i don’t know you people take those Suggestion seriously or not .


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we take all suggestions seriously, but not all can be implemented or is viable for the marketplace.
I’ll forward this to the team and see what can be done. But I can’t guarantee it will be come a reality.

Thank you.