Ultra Club Plan isnt apply when i already enabled it ?!

Hello guys ,
Iam new with GameFlip and i bought Ultra Club plan to decrease the fee . But after i bought it , my offer’s fee is still 10%?! Its should be only 8% . Is that an error or i need to do something ?!

If any Gameflip supprter there and read my topic , please help me out because i keep paying 10% fee when i already bought the subsciption :disappointed::disappointed: my profile id is : HMTHWX

Ultra Club is 8%

Ultra Club

For digital shops with high sales volume, this is the ultimate profit booster! With a $5,000 cap, the Ultra Club will increase your profits in large scale. Plan valid for the sale of any items on Gameflip. Includes VIP seller support.

$15 USD for 30 days



Commission Fee


Digital Fee


Renewal With auto renewal, Gameflip will automatically renew your subscription using your wallet balance 2 days before the subscription expires.

You can choose to stop the renewal any time. If there is insufficient funds, the subscription plan will automatically stop when expires.

$5000.00 USD

Sales Cap Fees reduction apply to all sold listings until the Sales Cap is reached for the subscription period.

Once the cap is reached, subsequent sold listings will not receive the reduced fees until the next subscription cycle.

Is this your furst subscription?
What is the item you’re selling?

Lucy :heart:

You don’t have any subscriptions active (they’re all “Disabled”). Click on “Enable Renewal” for the Ultra Club column and you should get 8% commission + 0% digital.

Im sorry but that is “auto renew” , that mean my account will automatically sign up the subscription after 1 month , i already signed up 3 first subscription.

Hi , thanks for replied me . I signed up Gamer Club - Pro Club and Ultra Club , but only Gamer Club - Pro Club are worked and Ultra Club isnt worked for some reason and even i already paid $15 for that . Please help me to fix the problem . Thank you !

Please give your invite code so @DunnBiscuit can look into it. It maybe a error or bugged.

Lucy :heart:

Thank you Lucy , i already provided the code : HMTHWX . Please kindly check it and help me out !

It was activated a few hours ago.

Remember, after it is charged, the sales cap will be renewed up to 2 days after it.

Thank you.

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