About fees on GamerFlip

There too high fees…6% its the lowest comissions i can get?

Being a seller you could get this

Ultra Club

For digital shops with high sales volume, this is the ultimate profit booster! With a $5,000 cap, the Ultra Club will increase your profits in large scale. Plan valid for the sale of any items on Gameflip. Includes VIP seller support.

$15 USD for 30 days

Commission Fee

Digital Fee

$5000.00 USD
Sales Cap

what is Digital Fee 0%?
i can sell with 8$ fee withnot any subsctiption why i need to buy this? . .anaway 8% its too much! most part of profit ((

My apologies I misunderstood you.
The fee are not that bad.
The fee go to muti things like support Gameflip team members, keep the site up and running and other things.
Everyone has things they have to pay to use the site.
Comissions, Processing fees.

Seller can buy plans but buyer cant
Subscription Plans

Here’s the thing about subscription

Without subscriptions, u will get a 10% commission fee. Which is 0.10x10=$1 tax

For the Gamer Club, u will get 0% Digital fee (commission fee). But it will only last for $50 of your sales. So lets say you are selling a $1 item, you get to keep your dollar. But once your sales reach $50, the next $1 u sell, u will only receive $0.90. I recommend this if your not a huge power seller that constantly sells on Gameflip and just want to make some quick bucks here and there.

For the Pro Club, u will get 6% commission fee which last until $500 of your sales. So lets say u are selling a $10 item, you get $9.40. But in a long run if you were to sell a few hundred dollars, you would benefit more. AS you will not only save 4% on tax, but also save $20 if you were to peak your sales. I would recommend this if you are constantly selling items on Gameflip, but not too high and not too low.

For the Ultra Club, i dont think i need to repeat what i said above, but it is recommended if you are going to sell items worth a few hundred throughout the month

Ultimately, its what you sell at the end. If you calculate it, you will benefit more if you are selling huge items under Ultra Club subscription/ constantly selling below $100 items under Pro Club/ Selling cheaper items less than or equal to $50 under Gamer club. As the amount of tax deduction will last until u peak your sales cap. Thus, if you think about it, it is pretty reasonable tax amount. Hope you understand this explanation which would answer any other questions u have