Pro club does nothing?

What does pro club do? If it does nothing, can I get a refund?

Pro Club

Enhance your earnings, sell more and become a professional! Join the Pro Club to get 6% commission fee on the sale of any items on Gameflip. Includes VIP seller support.

$4 USD for 30 days



Commission Fee


Digital Fee

$500.00 USD

Sales Cap

Plus bonus
About the VIP Support

Exclusive support channel.

When you send an email to Gameflip Support as a Gameflip CLUB member (Pro, Ultra or Bot), you can expect to be answered within a 24 hours timeframe, even during weekends.

Lucy :heart:

It is still making me pay the commission fee and digital fee

Are you a buyer or seller?

These only benefit seller not buyer.

Gameflip CLUB
refers to a set of subscription plans offered by Gameflip aimed at offering a series of perks for active sellers, such as:

• Reduced selling fees
• Faster support answers
• And other exclusive benefits.

Lucy :heart:

I’m a seller.

i’m going to copy paste the response i gave on another thread

Here’s the thing about subscription

Without subscriptions, u will get a 10% commission fee (2% digital fee is included in the 10%). Which is 0.10x$10=$1 tax

For the Pro Club, u will get 6% commission fee which last until $500 of your sales. So lets say u are selling a $10 item, you get $9.40. But in a long run if you were to sell a few hundred dollars, you would benefit more. AS you will not only save 4% on tax, but also save $20 if you were to peak your sales. I would recommend this if you are constantly selling items on Gameflip, but not too high and not too low.

Digital Fees will be 2% only if it is applicable to the transaction WITHOUT any subscription

Here is a listing which i’ve sold recently (i forgot to subscribe) and they have taxed 10% (8%commission fee and 2% digital fee):


$22.30 USD


$1.78 USD

Digital Fee

$0.45 USD

You make

$20.07 USD

But if i had subscribed to pro club, they will only tax $1.33 USD

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