I have pro club, yet I'm charged a digital fee. Why?

Hello Gameflip hopefully this is where I do this, but I’ve had pro club for almost a month now I habe to renew my subscription on the 31 of October. I’m being charged a digital fee even though I have the pro club subscription. I just noticed it 10 sales ago not sure if it’s been charging me this digital fee from the begining of the pro club subscription. I know there’s a commission fee, and every time it charges both fees. Please help


Pro Club gives you
Commission 6%
Digital Fee 0%

Regular Fees
8% Commission
2% Digital

And the Sales Cap is $500.00 USD only.

Go to this link and take a screenshot, maybe you’ve reached maximum 500/500.

Also Gamer Club gives you Commission 0% & Digital Fee 0%. But it has only 50,00USD $ Cap.