Help me understand membership

Hello, can someone please help me understand these memberships? I have both the $1 basic membership and I have the $4 Pro Club membership. I just can’t understand how they work exactly. I have an item listed and I have a digital fee even though it should be $0.

Can anybody explain this to me.

My $1 membership seems to be used up for the month but this is what my pro mem is telling me

So I guess I just figured it out. I take my $500 sales and I subtract the $84.72 in sales used so anything I list over $412 or so will have a digital fee.

I guess that’s my for misunderstanding. I thought the $500 was a cap you would save in fees. I didn’t realize it had to do with our list pricing.

Is there anywhere I can read up on the details of these subscriptions?


More about Membership - here

You have regular fees on gameflip Commission 8% & Digital Fee 2%. Gameflip Club (first month free :slight_smile: every next month 1$) grants you 0 fees with cap of 50$ so you can list either one item for 50 or 50 x 1$, its up to you. At the end you will get 4$ more of your sales, pro club cost 4$ with cap of 500$ but fees are 6% on commission & 0 % on Digital Fee, you will save 16$ with this club. you can do a quick test which club is for you here, just scroll down and you will find it.


Very helpful. Thank you so much. One last question, does it make sense to have both the $1 and the 4 membership at the same time. I have purchased both and both renew at different times. Just wondering if I should cancel the 1 or keep them both.

First activated subscription will be used, when you reach the cap of first one system will automatically switch to next one. So it’s cool to have both of them. One more thing once you pay your Subscription there’s no refund so be careful.


Okay. Thanks for all your help. :+1::v: