If gameflip wont add new subscription options or make selling cs go skins free again i will have to use another website

i love gameflip i sold/bought many stuff there but all of them were less than 50$ so i had no problem with the fees but now i want to sell some expesnive cs go skins that worth +50$ but the fees are too high and gameflip club dont cover them

My suggestion is to currently just list them a bit higher to cover the 10% you lose to fees. If you list as coordinated transfer you can still list them other places and then take them down if they sell. They still run promotions (recently had a few $2 back and a 15%) that can help your items sell even if they are a bit more than market price.

They have said that they are working on or looking at a new subscription program, but have been focused on other issues like preventing scams, training new support staff, and replying to duplicate topics like this.

I’m hoping for a return of the 4.5% fees after paying a small fixed amount like before. That along with the sites ease of use compared to others would make it very competitive again. I don’t think we will ever see the 0% again, unfortunately. I believe one issue is that unlike the automated bot trades, coordinated transfers are open to disputes which they have to take time to resolve.

I agree, just price your item higher and uses coordinated transfer delivery. If it’s sold, you still get the same profit!

It is not as easy as you say it. Listing a skin for more than its price will never got it sold because it will be higher than its price on the community market then what will be the purpose of buying it? Plus the recent promotion won’t help in my case for example the 15% discount was for listing less than 50 so it wouldnt have applied on my listings anyway.

I understand you, fees on withdraw of money, fees on payment, high fees on sale, everywhere fees and were is profit?
Already i did start using more other website than gameflip because i make more profit. I love gameflip but i’m not
gonna selling with lose, simple. If gameflip will not add new subscription soon, i may just stop using website as long is not worth for me. 5% of fees make big different.

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Finally someone who can releate. Btw do u sell cs go skins? Im new to selling cs go skins and i wanted some advices. Pm me if u do.

Everyone that can relate posted this topic weeks ago. You are just beating a dead horse at this point because you are excited you finally have a skin over $50.

First i have 3 skins that worth more than 50$ second i know that ppl been asking about that weeks ago and ironically i also posted about that 2 weeks ago but i saw no action so i had to remind them again: