As a cs go skins seller, selling fees make me lose lot of money and subscription programs aren't helping

The problem with the current subscription programs that:
1-Gameflip club is very nice(0% fees) , cheap (1$) but its limited to 50$ sales per month which is pretty small
2-the other subscription programs increased the sale cap but they take 6-8% fees and they are pretty expensive comparing with gameflip club
3-bot club seemed like a perfect solution at first. High sale cap, 4% fees and only costs 1$ per month BUT from its name you can guess that’s it’s applied only to items sent to gameflip bot which wastes alot of time due to the 7 day hold on steam
-Conclusion: i ask gameflip either to:
1- make a new balanced subscription program that cost between (1-5)$ and has 0% selling fees or <4%
2- or return back the no fees promotions for cs go like it was last year to refresh the currently dead csgo market on gameflip.

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Thanks for the suggestion!

I’ll pass it along to the team so we can discuss it further.


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