When new subscription plan for bigger saler?

Gameflip Club is nice for small saler, but for me 50$ cap is just like a joke. Honestly, i sell alot and with 10% of fees i dont earn much, without any subscripion plan for bigger saler i will just move to another website where without any plan i get 5% so i can earn more.

Is like more than 1 month without subscription plan for who sale alot and i’m still waiting.

Also, what about pubg? I have there more than 1000$.


I sell for more than $ 50 within 24 hours, I do not understand why you can not add more subscriptions!

It has been a few months now without any progress on this matter. I will give Gameflip their due they have had a massive surge of scammers and spammers since the Subscription change.

Until they fix the search algorithm and the sellers spamming the Steam Game listings with PUBG/FORTNITE in-game items then I don’t really need more Subscription Options as my sales have dropped by about 90%.

Of all the things that could be fixed easily it is probably the subscription options - they did have two that worked perfectly before they cancelled them - Gold for Game Sellers and Platinum for In-Game Item sellers.


I am Skin House, and I agree with all of the above, I am having to work with high prices and I can not give discounts because of this unfortunate rate, I believe that we will have to change of site, because here I believe that is ending, we place listings and more listings and not sells no crap, I would like gameflip to urgently check our situation, I believe that it will lose the remaining salespeople (if we can be called salesmen) to be a salesperson, must sell right? and this is not happening!


You are correct. Due to the surge of the new scammers, we focused on our efforts to fight them.
Also we have new admins coming aboard that will help us administrate these scammers, tickets and so on.

As soon as we have what I said settled (asnd it won’t take long), we will focus on this subject.

Thanks for all the suggestions you’ve been providing. We will take every one of them in consideration.


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it’s not only you @DunnBiscuit , I’m fighting more scammers than selling. in fact I wanted to sell! but it is difficult with this rate, the market itself also does not help, my prices are high until I find a new site that I can trust I trusted in gameflip. I have over $ 25k in csgo items and I can not sell!