Scammer using fake pictures and trying to get buyer to rate first

Hello. I bought an item 12 hours ago, in which the seller marked as delivered, tried to get me to rate first, and when I told him that I wouldn’t, he started saying he gave me my items and used a fake picture of the item he was selling being traded. However, I have enough evidence to prove that the picture he used is fake, and how he tried to get me to rate first before inviting me to deliver my item.

First of all, the reasons why the picture he used are fake are the next ones:

  1. This was an xbox sale. In the picture, it clearly says “Trading with Gunkaar_10”. In xbox, underscores are not allowed in your gamertag, plus, I never told him that was my gamertag.

  2. In the picture, apart from the “seller” trading the item I bought, the “buyer” supposed to be me is trading some keys for it, in xbox, keys are not tradable. Another sign the picture he used is fake.

These two reasons alone, and how he tried to get me to rate first before inviting me, should be enough proof to show that this guy is a scammer. I hope Gameflip is aware of this and is able to analyze that such things are the truth, as you can google that these things are not possible on xbox, only on playstation/pc.

In advance, my invite code is EGGKG7, if this helps fasten up the process.

Adjunt will be one of the screenshots of the sale, which I submitted both on a scam report ticket and on the dispute of the purchase. I’d submit more, but, I can only upload once, since I’m new and this is the first time this happens to me.

Thanks for your time, and sorry for the lots of swearing towards the scammer, but he really threw me off. I’d really like your help and a refund as soon as possible, as I’ve missed on great deals thanks to this scammer.

I just recieved the badge that lets me post more than one picture, here are the ones saying he delivered the item and the fake picture he used.

This is the reputed scammer’s profile for anyone interested in blocking him/her:

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Thanks for tagging him and helping me!

Apart from this, here are some other details I didn’t include:

Purchase dispute ticket: (316514)
Scam/Impersonation scam report ticket: (316527) (316575)

Wow the scammer, after attempting to scam me as seen above, is actually giving people the items, according to his most recent rating, after I told him I reported him. Yet, he doesn’t give me my item. Smh.

What a ■■■■. He’s actually reselling the zombas and not givng them to me.


The guy somehow cancelled the order even after marking as delivered, which I don’t understand how. He explained that he tried to scam me because he thought I was some person that tried to scam his brother. Afterwards, he said he was sorry, gave me two free items ingame, then sold me something for a cheaper price than it actually is, and actually delivered it. However, I still feel like he handled things wrongly and very poorly, and I don’t know what course of action to take. I’ll be waiting for the reply of a Gameflip moderator. But, me atleast, I’m happy that he cancelled and I got my money back, then sold me a cheap item and actually delivered.

Glad you got sorted :+1:

Personally, I think I’ll keep him on my Blocked list.

“I tried to scam you because I thought you were a scammer” doesn’t sound like the attitude of someone that I would want to be trading with.

Exactly and like, I feel like he only used that as an excuse and probably gave me the cheap deal and acted nice so I’d drop the report because he was obviously going to end up losing and suspended