I was just scammed by someone asking to rate first

The persons name is tanveer987, and after I bought he said he would message me on Xbox and he just went cold. Anyway I could receive a refund or he could get banned? Thanks.

Did you rate him already or is the trade still in progress? Also, leave your Invite code so moderators can identify you.

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I already rated… here’s my invite code G1ZV31

Could a mod possibly help?

Can you post the Order ID of the bad purchase? If you post the profile URL of the scammer a moderator can investigate and ban them.

And the order ID is the photo

I’ve got some bad news if you rated already. No refunds.
You rated a transaction that didnt happen yet and thus defeated the whole protection.

I would just wait and see around the refund. It tends to take a while to withdraw funds from Gameflip which might work to your advantage.

I would recommend raising a ticket. Here is where you can do it:


I would also private message the Moderators and ask them to look into this. They will likely suspend the seller if you can prove that they asked you to rate first and that should stop them from accessing the funds.


Good Luck :+1:


They will definitely be suspended as they sold you a Fortnite Account.

Selling accounts is against Gameflip Terms and Conditions.

Three things to look out for in future around your seller:

  1. Don’t buy accounts on any platform. They can be recovered very easily and you’re out of money. That’s if you even get the account in the first place.
  2. If something is too good to be true it probably is. $4.90 for a Fortnite Account is too good to be true!
  3. Check the date a seller started on the platform. If they started on 25/7/18 and have no reviews I’d be very weary about buying from them. It might cost you more but at least you’ll get what you’re buying hassle free if you buy from an established seller with a reasonably good reputation. As the old saying goes “Buy cheap, buy twice”.

Hello! I suspended the seller.

Unfortunately no refunds can be given since the transaction is completed already.


I am sorry for this occurrence, it might be 4 years later but I would like to repay you for the tomfoolery from me.

Hello @Tanveer987.

Can you please elaborate a bit more on the issue so I can give you better assistance?

Godspeed! :trident:

I want to reimburse the person for the money, I had took 4 years ago.

Hello @Tanveer987,

Unfortunately, the option to refund the order is no longer possible through our system due to the time that has already passed since the order was made and because there is currently no sales proceeds inside your account wallet.

Godspeed! :trident: