Buyer don’t rate

I just sold item in the gameflip and the buyer got the item but he didnt rate. So, i don’t get my money. How do i get my money? Because i really need it soon

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You made a mistake about mentioning this here. Selling accounts is prohibited as per GF’s terms.

They might ban your account and you lose the money.


Change Your password and recover Your account fast as possible. He is scamming You because he knows Gameflip wont help You. It is not allowed to sell accounts. And cancel the transaction


Selling accounts are forbbiden, so do not sell any other account again. Can you share your invite code so I can check this?


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Your the G.O.A.T! Can we rob a bank together and go straight to the police station? With the money in your trunk? :goat::goat::goat::sob:

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I’ll find the account anyway. :smiley: