Account Suspended !!!

Hello My Account Got Suspended Today For No Reason !!
i’m trying to sell but every time account suspended show up
i was selling googleplay account with 25$ on it and it says pending
and today says canceled maybe the buyer was scammer trying to buy with dumb cc ? idk
but even what’s my bussnies in this !! already sent this case to support number of case is 149219
and my profile code is Code: WXVA3Q

Selling accounts is prohibited on gameflip

what ? selling is something like take it or leave it i’m not fourcing someone to buy my account + there’s Gameflip Guarantee if what i’m selling not fit to product details i get banned or suspended and buyer get his money back

Is just not allowed selling accounts on gameflip. It has nothing to do with seller.

Please unsuspend my account : H5YPTE