Advertising and Site Success

As a seller on here, Gametz, and formerly 99gamers, I can say with absolute certainty that I love the layout and promotions of Gameflip. I also think it has kept inflation in check.

I am writing today, however, out of concern that more could be done to advertise the site to niche audiences of the 3DS, WiiU, and Vita. There is very little stock from these platforms on the site. I’ve tried to sell games on the 3DS and WiiU and there is very little interest. Overall, it seems like the site should be hugely popular because it offers better prices than competitors and doesn’t charge as much in commissions as Amazon or Ebay for sellers. However, there just isn’t the volume yet to get the number of sales.

I’d be interested in more advertising of the site, even if it means slightly higher fees for sales. Overall, I want this site to succeed since it is offering great value for the money and an excellent deal for sellers. However, I can’t see it lasting if it doesn’t push for an audience to the same degree as sites such as Gamefly. I do a search of Gameflip and often Google thinks I’m talking about Gamefly. This site needs to make sure it is known in the used gaming community to a greater degree. And I say that because the way things work around here make sense and could be lucrative for both the site owners and users long term. Fingers crossed!

I think you could try influencer marketing to promote your digital product or a website. I think you have already seen a lot of such examples on the internet even if you didn’t pay much attention. Read more about it here if you’re interested!