Tips on selling and promoting

Any sugestions on promoting your listings and selling items?

If you are a power seller and have a lot of inventory, feel free to reach out to out Support team and we can see if you’d be a good fit for our Featured Store program.

Another tip that could help is that every time you create a listing it shows up in the latest listings feed. So you can here and there re-list your listings and it’ll gain more exposure!

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It looks like the what’s is new category is only on the app not the website.

Under feature stores I think you guys need to rotate the store owners logos every time someone visits the app or visits the webpage. to help give the featured store vendors equal random exposure. When my store logo was near the front first few I got a lot more sales now I’m pretty much buried at the end since the last update and I get almost no sales :frowning:

I also notice that on the website you’re adding more category exposure on the homepage which is great but maybe come up with additional categories and randomizing them on every visits so that there’s always exposure for some of the subcategories that get no exposure.

Also add these new categories that you have on your website version homepage to your app.

And here is another idea/suggestion maybe create an area where people can opt in to pay a little more in fees are percentage to get the higher exposure. this is something that eBay does to help promote listings.

Angel’s games

Hey Angel, thanks for the feedback! As for the rotation of the Featured Stores, we actually try and do this once a week. We didn’t get a chance to this week, but next week you should see a new rotation.

In regards to the updates on the website versus the app. The website is A LOT easier to update, add, and make changes vs an app. Right now we are hole hardily focused on the website and building these new features into it first, then work it into the app. Just the app review process alone can take weeks, and not to mention the actual development. On the web client, we can add/make changes and deploy all in the same day.

As for the pay-to-promote listings, this is also something that we have talked about doing later on. Right now we want to focus on refining the marketplace, building in other features and gaining more users before we start adding in other monetization items.

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I definetly agree with you i am currently the last featured store on the list and my sales have plummeted to 1 or 2 sales a week :frowning: I can also account for that being the FLOOD of new people selling steam games now i cant even sell mine because of how flooded it is there.Granted i also need to add more inventory its just a long process for me.

But yes we do need more randomization and movement so everyone gets their fair share in the limelight.

I hope this changes soon as this is whats needed. as well as better categories and,
maybe work out some more shipping prices with USPS for something up to 3lbs or so?

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The featured store rotation hasn’t happened in almost 3 weeks.

Vincent I agreed that the steam digital download games Have been flooding in there is a huge increase in that and it’s been pushing down the what new listings and burying them.

I think one feature they should add in here is quantity for a listing. you got some people that are selling some hot ticket items and then they are creating many duplicate listings and in some cases I seen it as high as 100+listings of the same item. all it’s doing is taking up the solts pushing everybody single listing down. :frowning:

I even have a feeling that some people have figured out a way to auto relist items so that they could be at the top again. This method is called a bump the social network like Facebook Twitter many other social networks where you add a comment top your post and your post get bump back up to the top.


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Angel, honestly that is an amazing idea. to have a listing that has quantity avaliable because i have several games and cases that are the same and that would work perfectly. hopefully that can be implemented…

and i hate when people take advantage of it. id like to see new stuff that arrives that isnt just steam stuff. which is now very flooded. but it is what it is now.

I would also like to buy bring my listings up in ability to view I have a great model for selling items for cash, items which are bought with credits.