Featured stores (and picking all the ideas they like from "lesser" stores)

I just wonder how do you become featured store on Gameflip?

And more important, are there any rules or certain behavior you need to maintain if you are “featured”?

I ask this because I keep seeing one of the featured stores just copying some of little things I used on my listings during these Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Not against the rules, but not nice at all and above all - not expected by someone who represents Gameflip on starting page. I’d call that move by that seller even rude, because he does that few minutes after me. For example, I put several listings with “[CYBER MONDAY SALE]” before the game title - he does the same just few minutes after (but was not using that for items he posted earlier this day) not trying to hide it from me nor anyone. Like he was stating “look at me, I can copy this from you”. And he is literally copying, because I used different font style for 𝐁𝐋𝐀𝐂𝐊 𝐅𝐑𝐈𝐃𝐀𝐘 few days ago and new one for 𝗖𝗬𝗕𝗘𝗥 𝗠𝗢𝗡𝗗𝗔𝗬. Both of those font styles are proof he just copies me all the time and not coming with his own even smallest effort. Here is today’s example:

In addition, there is that Orange B. guy with the same move.

I don’t own any rights for doing this, obviously, but this little copy/paste things are going on and on. And every time copying is done by those bunch of sellers (Fullsheta/Codezilla, Killer, Orange B, Game Changers) whose shady practices are mentioned here many times. One of them is featured, so I want to know why.

In short, okay, I’m aware it isn’t big deal this time, but I still wonder how do you become featured seller and more important - what do you need to maintain in terms of quality to constantly be one?

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Dear friend, I came across a similar situation unfortunately. For about two months, I was also completely copied by one seller. He literally exhibited each of my goods immediately after a few minutes. I could not do anything about it, except that I struggled through price policy. To be honest, I do not even know how else you can deal with such. But I know for sure that this is a fairly poor quality seller behavior!

I know, poor behavior. It happened before in even more obvious and unfair manner (copying of a whole design of my listings and I wrote about it here, too), but this time it’s coming from featured store, so it raised new questions for me.

By the way, how was the problem solved with copying your banners? Did the support service take any action?

P.S. the seller also brazenly bought reviews from his customers, and they wrote in their reviews that I was worse than him, and he was the best …

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I think I saw this case of yours here? Am I right? If not, than I saw something similar.

My problem was solved for me changing my design again. So yeah, support issued a warning to them both times, but that didn’t help me the way I wanted. At least I came up with pretty distinctive design I’m using now.

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You saw something similar. My problem was solved - seller began to grossly violate other rules of the site and fell into the ban. But I do not know whether he is banned forever or not.

I believe that it will be more fair if a warning is sent to your competitor and if he does not respond, then remove his goods from sale

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To be a Featured store, you must send a ticket to the support team applying for the program. The team will check your request, your data and if feasible, they will send you the program rules and request more information regarding your store.

After you answer and if everything is fine according to the rules, you will be featured.

Fore more information, I reccomend you to apply to be a Featured Store.

Thank you.

Thanks, I’ll think about that recommendation.

But what bugs me right now is that one (or two) of your featured stores are not representing you very well with their behavior and may turn away, not just new customers, but other small sellers like me too (or potentially future big sellers). Not the first time, tho.

In order to investigate this, I’ll ned clar proof of their bahaviour.

Either open a ticket or send me via PM so I can look into this further.

Thank you.