"Reputable" seller "steals" reputation

Hello Gameflip and folks,

Some of you may know me as PEDJA-GAMES (ⓟⓔⓓⓙⓐ-ⓖⓐⓜⓔⓢ) and I mostly sell Steam keys on Gameflip. I’m pretty new here, so I wasn’t trying to bring too much attention, and just did my “business”. We’re all selling here to make money. Some of us want to make it big, some of us just want to cover the expenses after buying some games to play. I have perfect score as a seller and I never try to cheat or scam anyone and most important - I always make sure that my pricing is good and tempting. After few months, I started to sell more things than initially planned and selling them quickly. I believe good rep has something to do with it. So whats my problem? I like this to be fun way of making small cash and playing good games but not annoying need of constantly changing something because others are not playing fair. That doesn’t mean I don’t want to improve. By doing this and selling stuff more and more, I wanted to make my sales recognizable.

First I started to use joy-pad emoji at the beginning of my listing’s title. Few days after, others did that too (some of them were copying complete game descriptions I put a lot effort into, like user “Game Changers ¡Online 24/7!”; can post proof of this if needed, but that was while ago and reported to Gemaflip without any reply). Now my titles contain my initials at the end but that’s not enough, as they are visible only if game title is short. So I decided to make a template for my sales. It’s not some work of art, but it’s my work. It was okay for a while with few sporadic cases of using my descriptions and my titles style…

And then “reputable” user “KRYPTONITE Oficial (((Online)))” started using almost the same template for his listings. He just took my template and put different icon in top left corner. I know you can say “it’s okay”, because I don’t have any intellectual property for that template. That’s correct and I’m aware he is not breaking any rules, but that’s simply just not nice. Then I noticed something else in his sales (and will write more about that later) - his items are with 1 day(s) delay. So I put phrase “instant delivery” in my template and replaced my icon with my full Gameflip name. That went well for a while. He was selling in his “stolen” way, mostly posting in different time than me. Week or two later, he did something new. He also put joy-pad icon in his titles to look even more like mine. So it was time for me to make new template (see how tiresome that became?). Few hours later a new random guy appeared with my fresh template:

He didn’t even remove my name from cover. He is doing this often (you can find more other user’s names in his listings, so you can check).

But let’s get back to “KRYPTONITE Oficial (((Online)))”. After he got used to template he didn’t make and ideas he didn’t think of first, he started something that hurts me more. And most important, not just me, but every seller on Gameflip, cuz I believe he is not the only one doing this. He started spamming my sales by putting a lot of listings always few minutes after me. I would say that’s an okay thing, but if he is “1 day(s)” seller it is not okay and here’s why - HE DOESN’T HAVE ITEMS HE IS LISTING. Anyone can spam anyone’s sales this way. I did some research, because if someone is hurting me, then I need to see how he’s doing business and why. User “KRYPTONITE Oficial (((Online)))” waits for someone to buy from him. So I waited for that too. Then I went to G2A to check and watch actively listing of the same game there. Soon after, that listing is sold on G2A. Every single time (I checked even slower selling titles)! This doesn’t happen only if the game is even cheaper on some official Steam key selling sites. So, are you guys in Gameflip sure you want to things go like this? I come here as a buyer too and when I see pages and pages of listings that I know are from “1 day(s)” sellers, I leave Gameflip and search elsewhere.

I believe this is fine example of “tldr” material, so here are my two questions/suggestions:

  1. Do you have any idea or advice how to bypass stealing templates and initially pretending to be other seller? What if I copyright my next template on any stock site? I don’t want to do this, so can any warning be issued to those users? I don’t need anyone to be banned, as we all need this place to grow.

  2. Is it possible to somehow limit sales which are “one or more days” delivery? Let’s say that you make a rule that every user can post 10 delayed delivery items, but unlimited number of instant delivery items. I’m sure more new sellers will come if their sales are going to be visible longer and not instantly bombed by same bunch of “reputable” sellers that actually don’t even have games they listed.

I’ll continue to sell here, but let’s make this “selling competition” fair, and more important - better place for buyers.

Thank you for your time,

EDIT: There were more pictures initially, but as a new user, I needed to remove them all but one. Everything I wrote can be easily checked.



This isn’t the first time this kind of thing happens.

In order to provide you an answer to your question number 1, can you please send me links to the listings and/or users you reported?

For question number two, I’ll pass your suggestion to the responsible team in order to check what they can do about it.

Please contact me via PM. I’ll be able to provide further help.


Thank you for your reply. Will DM you soon.

I too am a seller like Pedja_Erakovic. My nick on the store is MetaL. I have to agree on everything he says on this thread. It’s awesome that someone is actually doing something to avoid this type of thing. Thank you Pedja_Erakovic and DunnBiscuit.


My nickname/shop is ░▒▓ BRASHEN GAMES ▓▒░ (300+ feedback) and I support PEDJA-GAMES (ⓟⓔⓓⓙⓐ-ⓖⓐⓜⓔⓢ)

I couldn’t agree more with the above sentiments. I can live with the idea thefts/inspiration but I cannot abide the 1 day sellers who massively damage the reputation of Gameflip as a platform. I know from experience that they do not have the keys, try to source them at a lesser price through Gameflip or G2A after they make a sale and if they can’t then they give you a used key, it shows as a dud and the sales are cancelled with no negative reputation/review.

However, the average buyer new to the platform has their experience sullied by these “reputable” sellers and spends their money on a different platform.

I think a limit to 1 day listings or 1 day sales might improve this situation. Addressing this is good for Gameflip and good for the decent sellers who only sell what they have and what they can stand over.


Hey everyone. I’m also a seller/buyer on Game Flip. I go by Jerm Doo.

Though I agree with most of what you say, for instance the guys stealing your template are actually stealing because you created the template which makes it your intellectual property from what I understand. That’s something they should have to take down. If you reported it to Game Flip, if they do nothing, I’m not sure what else you can do but it’s probably not worth getting into a legal battle (costs are astronomical). However, for what it’s worth, you do have the moral high ground there.

Unfortunately, I cannot agree with you in regards to the “one day” selling. It’s a jerk move perhaps, but it’s just competition. Unless it says something about it in the terms for Game Flip, it’s a legit way of doing business. Why would you charge less for something you pay more for? As you said, we are all here to make money and perhaps have fun. The best way of making money is to sell low, but buy lower. I do not do this, but I support it. Hey, it hurts my sales, too. But again, it IS free market and I 100% support the free market.

However, it is disheartening that more and more every day the site is seeing scammers pop up like weeds. I’ve had to report several people already for scamming. It would be nice if there was some sort of system set up to warn others, however I am aware that could also be easily abused. It’s just a difficult balance as with anything.

Coming up with solutions to these problems that are fair for all is nearly impossible. Game Flip struggles heavily with it from what I’ve seen, but I can’t honestly say that I have a better solution.

Sorry if I’m rambling, but I haven’t gotten much sleep the past few nights so my thoughts are a bit jumbled.

I do have one suggestion, though for Game Flip; allow users to private message sellers and vice versa, not just on the sale portion only before the users have been rated, but at all times. If someone is harassing you, it’s easy enough to block them. But being able to communicate with sellers/buyers would make it much easier to do business.

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Hello there!

Fist thing - thank you, Gameflip, for at least changing key icon for instant delivery sellers. Nice move in a right direction. I hope it’s not the last move.

Jerm Doo, some nice ideas here. Private messages would be great, but with some restriction. For example, only users with certain feedback and “verified by Gameflip” users can send messages. It would be also nice to somehow mark sellers which have high disputes opened ratio. Same with buyers who too often try to scam with false “key doesn’t work” claims. Regarding those revoked keys these days, maybe it’s not bad idea to extend “Buyer must rate” period from 3 to 5 days.

Now, about “1 day(s) sellers”… I do agree on competition part. I even want MORE competition. That would bring more buyers. I DO NOT agree with competition who are selling something they don’t actually have. What stops me to list Far Cry 5, bunch of Call of Duty titles and high numbers of most wanted titles few times a day, every day, to spam everyone’s sales? Even if I don’t have any of these games? Yeah, it’s not against terms of use, but I started this thread exactly with the idea for Gameflip to change those terms. I still think they should. This way, unlimited number of delayed delivery sales is, from my point of view, just a legit way to spam sales.

Anyway, Jerm Doo, thank you for posting and keeping this thread alive.

And, Gameflip, one more thing - that “Verified by Gameflip” badge needs some restrictions. Few of these scammers have this badge. I think they do not deserve to have it. I even saw some users with zero feedback with this badge, which is pointless, even misleading.


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As for the badge, I think it’s as I said; that they pay for a premium subscription and it grants them the badge.

Extending the “rate buyer” period is an excellent idea. I find that two days to verify a game works (and isn’t going to get revoked) is far too short.

I don’t like the restrictions on messages. Sometimes new buyers need more information before they make a purchase. it could dissuade them from making that purchase if they can’t ask those questions. If they get annoying, it’s easy enough to block them. However, I do see an issue with it- easy for a person to make several accounts to spam someone’s inbox. Maybe do something with IP tracking? Proxies can get around that but they would need more knowledge on computers.

What I don’t like is that when you make a purchase, either you can rate them (positive, negative, whatever) which tells Game Flip that the sale is legit (maybe it’s not) or you can file a dispute. However, if you file a dispute, you can’t rate them poorly so other users won’t know if it’s a bad seller.

For the most part I can see your point in regards to one day sellers. I just don’t see how it’s unfair. You have the option to also do it. It would only be unfair if you didn’t have the option, if the one day seller had an advantage you couldn’t yourself take.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like that they do it. I just don’t think we should be able to tell them they can’t.


The verified badge has nothing to do with sales or a subscription. It just means that they have verified who they are in real life with a photo ID or drivers license.

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