Some opinions from Veteran seller (please have patience to read whole text)


I’m new to Gameflip but i’m veteran seller of more than 15 games, working for almost 4 years, did more than 20k in total transactions and earned huge reps on multiple sites (not sure if it’s allowed to mention them here so i’ll pass that part). Gameflip looks like a nice site to me but still i feel like it needs a lot of work to get the feeling of the fine and finished marketplace site.
Lack of popular games like Path of Exile, Trove, Albion Online and Warframe just to name few in which i’m working and you should add them, especially Path of Exile, i strongly believe that it’s top 5 games currently in the world when it comes to RMT (probably tied with Rocket League). If you guys can add them (or at least PoE) before the biggest PoE expansion/content/patch yet coming August 4th you will greatly increase your profits i’m 200% sure :slight_smile:

Next thing that i STRONGLY dislike is that you are literally telling us (sellers) to ask a customer in game for the order ID. Sorry, but that’s NOT gonna happen, it directly compromises both BUYER and SELLER account risking it to get banned. In my ~4 years of trading i can tell that i’m professionally earned all my hard worked rep by keeping it safe for all my customers and me that status. So what’s you are asking looks to me like you have no clue how RMT is working to keep both sides safe and secured. In my whole lifetime trading i never experienced someone calling me a cheater or scammer because i gave my best to make it as much safe to both of us. Please think twice what you are asking us to do when arranging the trade. What i do for my own protection is recording whole in game activity prior to contacting my customer and whole trade with some moments after the trade is being done. I’m keeping on my computer over 25k video clips which takes around 2tb in case i’ll need them at some point (happens several of times of course). With the video proof of delivery seller is completely secured that he actually did the delivery.

Next thing that i’m still not sure how works is the displayed listing picture, it ALWAYS shows the predefined one for the item, i upload custom picture but it’s always in the 2nd image spot. Also listing title can’t be changed (it’s greyed to me) and i have no clue why since i saw many other sellers with custom listing titles. I’m selling only digitar in game items if that matters.

Fees are fine on Gameflip, also i like gold subscription feature, handy one.
Other than that i can’t remember at nothing else at this point, i might add more stuff in the future.

Thanks for listening and hope you will grow into much bigger marketplace site :slight_smile:

EDIT: Oh i just remembered one more thing, regarding your android app, when i try to click on Listings app ALWAYS crashes for me.

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Hey @PBuconjic thank you for all your construtive feedback.

I’ll pass it along to the team so they can check it as well.

Regarding your android crash, can you please send me here a screenshot of the message/error or the exact screen from where the app crashes?

Thank you!

Thanks for sharing all the feedback. I can anticipate to you that we are indeed looking at new games to be added for the in-game items category and Path of Exile and Warframe are few from our lineup.

We also working on process and product improvements which include the listing picture display and listing title that you have mentioned.

Hopefully we’ll be able to pull these off plus a lot more within a short time frame :star_struck:

We’re all ears for suggestions. Thanks for your trust.

Can I just point that those games are free. Why would people want to sell them? I’m properly missing something

Thanks a lot for your quick replies :slight_smile:

@DunnBiscuit Here is a pic what i’m getting when trying to access my listing on the app

@op_JOkEr I’m really looking forward to this changes and improvements :slight_smile:

@David_Williamson It’s for the in-game items not for the games itself.

Looks like Gameflip app crash. To help the dev team to find & fix the issue quickly, you should pull the crash log (if you know how to get it) and send it to support along with the steps to reproduce the crash.

Honestly i don’t know how to do it, not much using my tablet besides order deliveries. So any help on this regard is more than welcome.