New seller STEALING images made by me from my listings!

EDIT: he keeps deleting his listings and reposting them when i comment on them saying there r stolen from me. That is why the links i gave might not work (his profile link is still working though) He even BLOCKED me now so i cant comment on them


I sell fortnite in-game items on gameflip, recently I noticed a super new seller named “PEFF” (he only has like 16 score) is selling the same item as i am selling (which is fine since every 1 has freedom to sell whatever he wants) BUT he straight up STOLE the listing images from my profile and using them on HIS LISTINGS!

This is UNACCEPTABLE as he is straight up using content made by me for his own personal and professional use WITHOUT asking for permission from me!

I request the mods to have a look at this and take down those listings or at least delete the images he STOLE from me.

My profile link:
My original listings :

his profile link:
the listings in which he used my stolen image:

There r more listings he is using them on…

My INV code: Q4MFVG

The image that is made by me which is stole

Please mods and gameflip support take care of this. @DunnBiscuit

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same problem
my profile
his profile
My listing
his listing
My INV code : 8UUFEV

This does happen quite often

I suggest you watermark your images with your store/username name, or personalize it more prominently, even though shameless sellers would still copy it, you can have a crystal reason when reporting them since the images won’t have their name on it.

It’s such a shame. since “reputable seller” with 3500++ feedback score stealing image and description from me as a new seller.

Have you guys tried adding water mark to your image? If you have a brand (e.g. your profile image), you can add it to every listing image you use.

Hello guys,

Please, open tickets for each of your cases and add all evidence you have to these tickets.

Send me the numbers via PM then, so I can investigate this further.

Thank you.

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