Picture Stealing

I made some nice pictures then i found out that a guy was stealing my images and i asked him to take the listings down or either pay me. But refuses to pay or take them down and my friends ( Bliz’s Shop, Mm2 & Limiteds Shop :white_check_mark: , Hiall, aLon ), who are selling on gameflip aswell made pictures and is stealing them too. And i want to know what should i do at this point. He is also selling accounts and i warned him after that me and my friends have reported him several times but nothing happens.
Can provide any kind of proof if needed.
Hes been scamming on social media like discord but i dont know if gameflip can ban him for that.

And im also new to gameflip forum, if theres anything that breaks the rules let me know and i will take action.

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Do you have some kind of copyright on the images, if you have, then I believe Gameflip can do something regarding this.

Selling account is not allowed. You can send the link of his account selling.

Giving Discord contacts/link/anything that allows contact via other means other than Gameflip is not allowed. Gameflip cannot help if deals were made outside of Gameflip. If you have proof of him giving/advertising his discord via Gameflip, you can also show it too. It isn’t allowed.

fyi - I am only forums helper so I can’t help regarding gameflip matters, only can give advise etc.

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