Stolen Review Codes from Developers sold on GameFlip

Many sellers on GameFlip are selling unauthorized stolen review copies of games on both console and PC. They are stealing potential coverage from small indie developers with false aliases. Who can I talk to from GameFlip to get these sellers off the platform? Also, every code I’ve purchased from GameFlip I’ve confirmed from developers were indeed stolen.

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@MajorTom @DarkKnight Also if you got problem with them you can simply report them and type what exactly happens.

I would if the report form would let me type in my email, but it never gives the option. This is more than just the games I’ve purchased. Many of these sellers are blatantly selling multiple copies of games for platforms that do not provide codes for these kind of games.

i call it scam, they shouldn’t do that at all…

Hello Brad,

Can you PM me regarding this issue so I can further check it?

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Sure, how can I go about PMing you?

Click on his profile pic, you can see message option

I see no such option. Capture

I think you have to be on the forum a certain amount of mins to earn the ability to pm ppl

Think its like 30 mins i could be wrong