Scammers should be stopped

Ive been a buyer on gameflip since 2017 now. There is always one problem ive encountered after at least 500 or more transactions throughout these years is scammers that i feel gameflip should find a way to prevent or minimize and perhaps be more proactive about. I usually do not post on here unless i really feel the need to express my opinion to hopefully better the service they provide to extrmely loyal customers like myself.

Googleplay or Itunes especially. I recently just bought some codes from a seller name Its “itshouldbefuture” who is selling google codes at 20 percent below retail. Although most would say its too good to be true, however, at times legitimate sellers do sell it at that price for a quick sell.

Anyways, ever since i made the purchase. The codes do not work. All require more information. In this situation the codes being sold is most likely illegitimate hence the trouble issue and questionable by Google.

After reading his reviews. I realized he had multiple issues of scamming. 85 positive and some scam transaction. Here is my opinion. I highly suggest Gameflip take action upon these accounts IF and WHEN multiple users complain or dispute from them rather than letting them run loose and repost to scam others.

Yes, you can dispute it. Yes you can escalate it. However, it creates unnecessary issues with buyers and worst the buyer pays the price and loses. It could be one week or more before the dispute is complete which puts your funds on hold to be able to buy from another legitimate seller. Also, new legit buyers do not realize they have to escalate within 3 days. This is the problem. The scammer prey upon the unknown! They post 20 or 30 scam posts. All they need is a couple of buyers who didnt escalate to walk off a happy camper by literally paying nothing but couple minutes of posting! Do you get it?

Yes, its hard to stop scammers from posting but why cant you put a cap on new sellers? Lets say 5 per day or 5 per week so once they sell it. They can post more after proving their legitimacy?

Im not an expert in this field but i feel there has to be something that can be done…

Meanwhile, ill escalate my situation to gameflip now and see.

Hello @Operator08!

I appreciate you taking the time to give us this feedback.

Please keep in mind that we do our best to verify sellers when users report/dispute them to us to avoid future issues similar to this case you informed us.

We also do our best to inform users regarding how our system works by informing users through the marketplace, Help Center articles and through ticket, but there are various users that do not stop to verify how a dispute works, even if we provide them the information.

Once again, I thank you for the feedback and I’ll make sure to pass along your suggestion to our specialized team so they’ll see what can be done and verify ways to improve our procedures/system to avoid issues like these in the future.

Also, could you please share with me your case so I can take a look? Feel free to add your invite code or order ID.

Godspeed! :trident: