"INSANE PROJECT" Keep Copying My Image and My Listing Details

I’m starting to sell on gameflip like two months ago. recently, I’m very dissapointed. seller called “INSANE PROJECT” stole my listing details a few days ago. I create new listing details yesterday, and now I found out “INSANE PROJECT” not only stole my listing details but also my image that I created by myself.

please help me, how to takedown the seller listing. I already reported but there’s no reply from gameflip

here is the proof.



I had same problem with Game Changers ONLINE, and Kryptonite Official ONLINE and I also see Zero is using some of my past ideas. As this guy is part of the same “ONLINE” bunch that are abusing the system in several different ways (we’re discussing about them in one other thread), this is not a surprise to me at all.

Gameflip, I’m not against competition (we actually need more of everything), but limit those guys somehow (if this is my place, they would be banned long ago) as they are hurting this marketplace as a desirable one for new sellers and buyers with their unfair practices.


is there any gameflip support here?

I’m not sure if they’ll take action around this to be honest. I would hope so but this is probably way down their list of priorities at the minute, I’m afraid.

Pedja raised an identical issue a few months back and some of these sellers that you and he have referenced have been the subject of complaints of abuse/scamming/idea theft for years and they are still trading on the site.

I have posted up a conversation by two of them where they have admitted that they are selling games that they do not own and hope to source it for cheaper from other sites like G2A and Kinguin which can lead to keys being cancelled, buyers being given used keys and/or having to wrestle for weeks with Support to have their sale cancelled. In the same conversation they verbally abuse/insult one another over idea theft and copying each others postings so they’re even exploiting each other.

What they do is unhealthy and diminishes the platform but they themselves have said it’s incredibly profitable and holds no risk/investment for them so they won’t stop until Gameflip put some mechanism in place.

I do believe Gameflip is run by a well-intentioned group with aspirations of a legitimate, healthy platform with a strong reputation but developing that kind of reputation/brand requires a foundation of honest, reliable, respectful and mature sellers.

is gameflip support never take action with this problem? I think a lot of victims out there.
and also my tickets never got reply from them.

Oddly enough i never saw such post of yours and such conversation.

With that said @Brashen, can you please send me a link to the post and the screenshots of this conversation via PM so I can investigate this further?

Thank you.

Hello @gameblink, please PM me with the ticket numbers so I can check them for you?


@DunnBiscuit - PM sent

sent. I sent two ticket because found out another seller copying my listing too.

Thanks guys,

I’ll check my PMs shortly.

I don’t see any progress in my tickets

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Try with PUBG support here

This is Gameflip, not Pubg support? either way your epson scanner has nothing to do with pubg, that error is most likely unrelated.