Selling Win 10 Keys that can be googled on net.

I haven`t been around for a while, as I am now not selling on gameflip as I have much more success from my own online webstore. Plus I cannot compete with all the scammers who undercut legitmate sellers.

Like this guy who has sold a Windows 10 Pro Key which can easily be found on the internet (and its a very old key which probably won`t work…

The key is : 8n67h-m3cy9-qt7c4-2tr7m-txycv - I don`t mind putting it up on here anyway because if you google it it comes up in the microsoft forums from as far back as 2015… I have posted two images as proof…

I hope admin can sort me out with a refund when I open the dispute…

As far as i know Windows keys arent even allowed to be sold on gameflip

You are allowed but you have to clearly state whether they are oem or retail, like all the other game marketplaces that do them you cannot sell MSDN developer, academic or VLK, VOL licences.

Not enough is being done to combat bad sellers in my opinion, so I buy a few and test them and report the ones which are illegal.

NOT HAPPY… Even though I disputed this seller and provided proof the key he was also shown on various internet forums including Microsofts own help site, gameflip in their wisdom have found in the sellers favour and given him my money.


How the hell is that fair?

This issue is being ignored.


This issue has still been ignored.

Hello blood_Vipre

As soon as the mods gets on they will warn that seller.

Becareful from sellers on gameflip Try to buy from Verified Sellers only!

Its been two months… I doubt anyone gives a monkeys… Every post I put up about non-compliant microsoft keys gets ignored.

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I will try to contact the support for this.