Yet another Windows 10 MAK key seller

This seller is selling MAK keys as well by the looks of it…

Again, sellers should stick to just OEM keys as Microsoft can support them if a user needs help. MAK keys are only for corporate environments with hundreds of computers… When Microsoft detects the activation on multiple IPs the key will get blocked.

Also, the seller has his website address in his name on screen… Visiting it takes you to his website where he sells the same keys…

I did put a screenshot here, but took it down as it showed the key… Didn`t want to make the key public… However, I have opened a dispute and uploaded a screenshot there.

Can I have someone look into this @ AponeGF

Just a heads up, the support staff often doesn’t work weekends. Expect a reply to this on Monday.

Nice to have a day off… I work 24/7…:joy:

Can you share this user profile code so I can check it further?


The first one is the one with the website address in his name… I have also included another one selling MAK keys which I private messaged you about. I have also provided a screenshot of proof when opening the dispute with him.

Im hoping I dont find anymore… This really needs to be hammered home to the sellers of Microsoft Windows sellers… I`m pretty sure its the same with the office keys (the ones that come with accounts and no product key - as its most likely that they are MSDN accounts or education ones.

Nothing had been done about the seller Exclusive Keys… He hasn`t refunded me for the MAK code he sold and he is still selling them.

Not sure about getting blocked by Micorsoft but there are shops near me selling pirate softwares storing in a CD disc. People keep buying them including MS OS all the time and they have no problem so far.

Its only a matter of time before they get caught… They are not allowed to sell codes together with a copied disc. OEM codes on their own as system builder are ok but only because of the EasySoft v Microsoft precident which Microsoft lost.

Check this out

Whats a con is that there are hundreds of sellers selling copied discs on Amazon and Ebay and have done for years… Its like the only companies to profit from Piracy are the big three, Microsoft, Ebay and Amazon, and the reason… its Microsoft Store. It figures the more people who get the OS on their machine the more likely they are to buy from the Store, and buy from the Store the activation needed to make their system genuine (if they`ve been sold a dodgy key…)

Still, there are millions of torrents out there that can’t be removed, I doubt anything can be done.

Dear Blood_Vipre I have some questions:

  1. How they get MAK licenses?
  2. How can i get MAK licenses as i need? As attached picture (i purchased for practice - experiment: why so cheap and after more investigate i got this is MAK) they sold me MAK undername OEM. That is why i must need to do it / to get MAK myself for my 63 PCs. Can you explain me step by step (any video tutorial etc. like this) Because i want to learn full control - don’t like to be deceived like that: