Link to outside webstore

This seller has a link to his webstore outside of gameflip on his profile page!


Also, nothing has been done about him selling MAK codes and undercutting all us legit OEM sellers.

Can you link there profile?

Lucy :heart:

Here it is…

I tested one of his keys a while back, it turned out to be an illegal MAK key… Why is this guy still allowed to sell here.

If you think the user is breaking ToS please report them.
@DunnBiscuit @TheFuBar @Tali @AponeGF @op_JOkEr
will take a look into seeing if they’re breaking ToS.

The user is advertising other competing sites on his or her profile.

Thank you for making Gameflip a better site @Blood_Vipre

Lucy :heart:

I warned the user to remove such information.

Thank you.