Questionable seller.

Selling wonder skin at close to if not best ever price. His reviews seem to indicate buyers are being forced to complete transaction to get the code (breach of rules)

I bought one earlier today as I knew what protection i had from Gameflip and not to preemptively complete etc.

After buying my order was cancelled and I was blocked without either if us sending a single message (note I am 450+ reviews 100% positive) so I imagine my order was cancelled as the seller would expect me to follow procedure.

Had continued to have listings since so clear is acting like they have codes still.

I think it’s certainly worth GF staff looking into. I don’t think there would be any genuine reasoning for cancelling and blocking me without any communication between us and the review comments further add to the concern

yep he is scammer dumb

@DarkKnight @MajorTom

We need help, please suspend this guy

He even typed " Trusted Seller" lol that means he cant never be trusted at all, so i think he need to be banned as soon as possible just don’t forget to report him too

banned done , thanks @DarkKnight @MajorTom <3 <3

Hello all!

I just answered another topic regarding this user, and as mohukho has mentioned, he was permanently banned from our marketplace.

We really appreciate the help of all of you reporting this kind of activity! As I said before, feel free to report these users whenever you find any other situation like this.

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can u check out my issue sir . i bought an item worth 30$ and still dint get the 3$ credit , it will be really helpful if u can resolve my issue

Profile Code=M9M4J8

Order ID=f237db6f-a287-41d1-86a1-8b56dd3a992b

its been more than 14 days sir , so please

@maulikpandya301 Answered in another topic.