Message to the Gameflip Team

Dear administrators,

I was recently banned from Gameflip for “Involvement in other suspicious or fraudulent activity such as selling fake listings”.

First of all, I would like to know why I was never informed of my ban (by email) and also I would like to know more details about my ban…
I have already spoken with a moderator except that very few details were given.

To summarize the story from the beginning, I have been a member of the Gameflip site since August 16, 2018 and I first started selling Fortnite-themed logos and banners and then I recently started selling Fortnite skins.
A few days ago, a Fortnite skin disappeared because of its expiration date which made all the remaining codes invalid. This left me with the embarrassment of not being able to provide the necessary codes for my customers. So I decided to send a message to my customers that I unfortunately had no more codes for this skin available and that I could replace the missing skin with another Fortnite skin of their choice (even if the price is higher than the initial purchase). For all the people who don’t want a replacement, I refunded them. A total of about 8 people were refunded except for 2 people that I couldn’t refund because they hadn’t opened a dispute with Gameflip.

After consulting a moderator, I was reproached, and I quote

  1. “some listings that you were selling and you updated them today. Instead of updating the listings, you could have just removed them if you didn’t have the code anymore.”
  2. “you could have simply refunded the buyers for the purchases in which you did not have the skin.”.

To answer the first quote, yes it is true that my Wonder skins offers were still online on the site 48 hours after their disappearance however I assure you that I have not updated them during the last 3 days or at least it was not my intention. To justify myself that I didn’t remove the listings from the Gameflip site, I wasn’t sure that the Wonder skins codes had been disabled and due to lack of time (school exams), I didn’t have time to verify this information. However, I did take the time to take care of most of my customers and try to refund as many people as possible.
To answer the second quote, I don’t agree with you because on the contrary, I refunded my clients from everywhere the Wonder code was missing except 2 people because unfortunately, the Gameflip application didn’t give me the choice to cancel the transaction. I now understood that I couldn’t refund them because the order was treated as Shipped, but after 2 days, the customers were finally refunded successfully.

So now, after having justified myself, I would like to apologize if I made any mistake during my activity on Gameflip. Your online business and commerce has allowed me to grow as a young entrepreneur and I have always made sure to respect the terms of use even after receiving 2 warnings since 2018 which were “Posting in the wrong category” and “Using an image identical to that of another Gameflip seller”. The day I was banned on your platform, there was about $500 in my account and that is a considerable amount of money for me and to lose it would be a deep sadness knowing that I make very small profits in order to guarantee acceptable prices to Gameflip users.

To conclude, I am contacting you today to ask you for my Gameflip unban if it is possible. I have always loved your platform and it has contributed a lot to my life during the last 2 years I have been using it. I’m ready not to make the mistake I made 4 days ago and I promise to behave myself all the time next time. In case my unban is not possible, which would be a very bad news for me, I would like to have more information about it and its duration.

I really hope that my message was understood and I hope that something will be done.
I look forward to your response.

IliTy also known as Fortnite Store

Important information:

User code: 1NATN9
Nickname: Fortnite Store
Status: Verified
Seller rating: 100%(over 338 good ratings)
Link to the profile:

Hello IliTy_Graphics,

I have checked that you were using the delivery code field as a chat with codes such as “ALL CODE WONDERS EXPIRED. PLEASE CHOOSE ANOTHER EXCLUSIVE SKIN IN THE PICTURE”, we had some customers that had lost their funds due to this action and you don’t have even the code that suppose to “compensate” the buyers, it’s easy for you to create a very nice text saying that you have tried your best to help your customers at this point.

If you want further discussion about that, please open a ticket and I’ll look if there is anything that can be done about that

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