Banned without reason

Hello i have been recently banned from Gameflip with over 330 good ratings and i don’t know why.
I recently tried to canceled a lot of wonder listing because code expired a few days ago. I think i didn’t do anything wrong so please check my profile

Hello @IliTy_Graphics,

I have verified your account and found that you have been recently selling items that you did not have and providing codes that do not work or exist.

Therefore you have been suspended for such actions.

God Speed! :trident:

Yes i know this is wonder code and the offer with Honor x Fortnite disappeared 2 days ago so i didn’t have time to delete my listings. I canceled like 8 wonder sold listings and i had 2 more listings that i cannot refund because i send a message saying that i don’t have code anymore. So please don’t punish me because i didn’t a little mistake i’m have been legit on all my listing and my intention was not to scam. I doesn’t want to lost my account i have a lot of good rating that i want to keep.
Sorry for my english i’m not very good

@DarkKnight i’m really gonna cry if i just lost over 500$ i didn’t know ban like this can append on gameflip i never get warn like instant ban without any email saying the reason.

Hello @IliTy_Graphics,

I also checked some listings that you were selling and you updated them today. Instead of updating the listings, you could have just removed them if you did not have the code anymore.

Also, you could have simply refunded the buyers for the purchases in which you did not have the skin.

Unfortunately, for the reason that lead your account to a suspension, I will not be able to remove the ban.

God Speed! :trident:

@DarkKnight But the listing you have checked isn’t fortnite wonder skin, this is double helix skin and this is not the same. I don’t have wonder code anymore so this is the reason why i cannot deliver this skin but i still can deliver and uptade all the other skin. And i didn’t remove the listing because i didn’t know very well if i will never get more wonder code.

I refunded all my customer except 2 orders because i didn’t have the button Cancel the order because my listing was already delivered to notify my customer that he cannot have the wonder because it doesn’t exist anymore.

I understand that you doesn’t want to remove the ban but i just want to know if that possible because i justified me and i would like to know if it’s still impossible how long my suspension will be and if i will lost all my money (more than 500$) because i get all my money legit i have 100% good rating and this money represent a lot for me if i lost everything i’m completly broke and i will be in deficit.

Sorry for my english again,


Hello @IliTy_Graphics,

I have checked and some of the listings are Wonder Skin listings, which were updated.

Also, nothing explains sending a code that does not work to the buyer. You also informed this in the chat, that the code was incorrect on purpose. You marked the listing as “Shipped” before sending the invalid code, as well.That is not right and we do not accept this type of behavior on Gameflip.

Either you have a working code or you do not and you only set the listing to shipped, after a valid code is sent.

The suspension will remain the same.

God Speed! :trident: