Got banned for no reason

I got banned on Gameflip for no reason so I brought a fortnite dark vertex code for 75 and I got the code it send it was already redeem and I message the guy he said I was a scammer and I was not even trying to scam him he send to complete the order or he get my Xbox account banned so I did and I reported him and like 8 days later I got banned I don’t know why they thought I was lying like that a waste of money and I can’t even get it back now if anyone can help me text me at 7039195007 and my username was bruh 12345678

Did you make a chargeback? If you did then if you reverse it and ask Gameflip support they might unban you.

Hey bruh12345678!

Sorry to hear about your issue.

I have verified your issue and found that your informed in the order that the code worked successfully.

If it was not working, why did you inform the seller that it was? You had to place the transaction under review and let us work towards a solution, but instead you completed the transaction.

Unfortunately, since you requested a chargeback and did not com to us first, your account was permanently suspended.

God Speed! :trident:

How to you even make a chargeback