I got banned for no reason

I got banned on my account due to the fact that my brother recently had a Gameflip account and got banned. I had $150 in my wallet before I got banned. I talked to Major Tom he told me that on May 1st he would unban my account temporary so I could receive my funds. It is now May 5th he hasn’t responded since. I then got ahold of Gameflip support and once I explained the situation and how I talked to Tom I didn’t receive a response. All I’d like is to get my money that I worked for. If anyone can get ahold of Major Tom for me, then that’d be greatly appreciated


Eh you would have to send proof of that to Support. Makes no sense for a Moderator to unsuspend your account so you can withdraw funds then suspend back your account when you broke the rules.
If the Mod did write that, you can just wait for him to reply or Support to reply.

Read below. You got banned because you were selling forbidden items.

Your other post on Feb 11 -

DarkKnight’s reply on that post -

Your other post 15 days ago which I replied but you never replied back. -

You do know Support can check your account right?

Closing Topic. If anything, do contact Support or MajorTom directly regarding your issue. You might have to wait a few days for a Reply but they will always reply.
Please do not keep making the same post.