Banned from Gameflip

Hello, I have been registered in gameflip for 4 years and I have +2200 good ratings, a few days ago I was banned permanently for selling 4 offers of “Gameflip promocodes”, I mean that I did not know that this was illegal and I even consulted the TOS and neither nothing came out about this.
I respect the decision of the admins to sanction me since although I did not know that this was wrong, but I think that a permanent sanction is too much, in all this time I never received any warning and I always did everything correct, there were even clients who wanted to contact me by Whatsapp so that I sell them codes in large quantities and I always refused knowing that this is illegal.
By this I mean that I have always wanted to respect the rules and that due to a small mistake I have made I would not like to abandon this platform that I have been dedicating a lot of time and effort to.
I think I’m a good thing for gameflip, there are months that I have billed 4,000 - 6,000, even some months I have been a top seller.
Please I would be very grateful if you cancel those 4 orders that I never had to have created and give me a second chance, I assure you that I will not disappoint you, and I will always do the right thing as I have done in recent years.

Profile code: Z5N43Z

Hello @ericmateo,

Gameflip obviously have a good reason for banning you, as you are not allowed to profit off Gameflips’ behalf on something that is free for every Gameflip seller and buyer.

In my opinion, most of the text felt like you selling yourself to us, and you should be more factual and to the point about why you should get unbanned. Gameflip do make it clear that sellers can be suspended/banned for this.

Now, I understand that you are a good seller, and I agree that it may have been harsh to ban you so soon, we wouldn’t want to lose a seller. It should be common sense to not sell something that is free to everyone, and do it more than once.

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Thanks for your answer @Aeralo

Yes, I did wrong, but I really did not know that this was illegal (I was not going to risk so many years for a few dollars …), I saw how a seller had been selling promo codes for 1-2 months and since they did not ban him, I thought that that was legal.

The reason why I think it should be unbanned is that I have always been a legal seller, as I said before I have never received any warn / ban before in all these years, I have always been an exemplary seller, I have made over 2,200 customers happy and all that I want to continue doing!

Anyone can make a mistake, we are all human, sometimes we deserve at least a second chance…

Hello @ericmateo,

The other seller may not have been banned for this since Gameflip did not know this was going on. You should check with other sellers and moderators, if they do not reply, it does not mean what you are doing is right.

I agree that you have a good seller rating and you are helpful to many people.

I also agree that all people sometimes deserves a second chance, but remember, that is not always.

We can look into it and see what can be done.

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Hi @ericmateo

Have you already opened a ticket and explained your situation to support?

If not I would advise to do so with the link below

You can also DM an admin such as @DarkKnight. Or @MajorTom to see if they can offer any further help

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Hello @ericmateo,

I have verified your account and can see that the reason for the suspension was because the promo-codes that were given to you were supposed to be distributed between your buyers, so they can purchase from your store and not sold separately to make profit.

Also, I can see that the Support Team is already verifying your issue. Please contact them if you have further doubts ok.

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