permanent suspension

welcome here Netsu Shop!
Yesterday my account was permanently banned for- Conducting in sales of duping, glitching, hacking or modding

  • Conducting sales outside Gameflip! On Im new seller on gameflip I have been selling daily for a month and managed to sell 200 offers!
    i had 200 good rate and my account permanently banned
    Whenever someone wrote whether I would sell paypal or cashapp, I replied with no.I gave one of such people a discord which was my huge mistake! i was too banned for Conducting in sales of duping, glitching, hacking or modding!
    buyers asked me if I was duplicating and I always answered no because I don’t, so I totally don’t understand why I was banned for it! It was a huge mistake to give the buyer a discord! I’m fresh on gameflip and I didn’t know it was against the rules! human learn by his mistakes!
    Selling on gameflip was a routine for me, I got a lot of nice buyers and met a few sellers!
    I’d love to ask for a second chance! It sells for a month and I have never had any problems, 0 poor rates! I made a mistake, but man learns from mistakes! For such a short period of time, I have gained many trusted customers! I look forward to your reply and a second chance! best regards

Hello, did you contact support yet? Put the ticket ID if you have. Do make a ticket to support if you haven’t.
You need to provide your invite code or Staff cannot help as they need to identify which is your account.

If you can’t find your invite code since account was perm banned, you need to provide your phone number/email that was linked to your account. (Do NOT post your phone number/email here, Direct message (Staff like MajorTom/DarkKnight) with the information.

To DM someone, just click their profile picture > Message.

Only Staff can help to check and answer your question.

tysm i will do ticket to support

i was do tickets to support week ago and they did not answer

Please send us your ticket number so we can locate your account and investigate this for you as mentioned by @Sparkling_Juice.



our request (698976) has been received. ! its this?

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! i was sended a lot tickets ! Your request (699841) has been received.

and what will happen to me? i would love to get a second chance! I sold a month on the gameflip and made one small mistake which caused a perma ban! I sold 200 offers in a month and got a good grade for each one, I’m sorry and if I got a second chance I would use it 200%

i will wait 10 days more for receive ! great

698976 its ticket number

Hello @Netsu,

I will verify your case and see what can be done ok.

God Speed! :trident:

great ! thank you so much

I was banned permanently because of ignorance of the gameflip I’m new on! I’m so sorry I made a mistake and hope for a second last chance! i was sold 200 offers and all have great rate!

Hello @Netsu,

I have verified with the Support Team and they have decided to give you a second chance.

Just as a reminder Conducting Sales Outside of Gameflip is forbidden. So you are not allowed to share personal contact information with other users ok.

If you have any questions regarding this, please check the following link:

Welcome back :wink:

God Speed! :trident:

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