I am really shocked right now

I am really really shocked right now, out of nowhere my account says banned, I had 300 positive reviews and only like 3 bad ones which were not even correct ones which I created a post for here to get them cleaned up. It suddenly says I sold the multiple code to people but that’s nothing I was even aware of I always solved my cases and tried to be as responsive as possible. I really took this serious so I would really appreciate if someone could look into this because I didn’t even get a single warning to know that I am doing something wrong, I was just banned out of nowhere. So again 300 positive reviews compared to 3 bad ones don’t lie so I am happy to solve any outstanding issues but again I was not even aware of any so can someone please help, thanks!

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Unless it was just an error of the system and maybe it was down by mistake?

My code: SJM52N

I got the same.
Made a ticket. They just closed it without reply

I had 3 disputes for the same item but what I don’t understand is how can admins say that I sold redeemed codes and trust scammers if I have so many positive reviews? These codes even have all physical cards with the code written on them, so am I supposed to just give the dispute to the scammers to avoid getting banned? So again can an admin please join and clarify the issue, thanks.

Any reply, I am really disappointed about the whole situation so I would really appreciate someone helping to figure out what just happened, thanks.

I just received an email saying:

*After looking into your account, we see that it was suspended for the following reason(s): *

- Selling already redeemed codes
- Selling the same code more than once to different users (example listings: XXX)

That’s impossible and I can even argue and resolve any issues. Again I am not a scammer and I took this really serious so I can’t accept such false accusations, which is why I won’t accept it until it gets resolved in a fair way. Just because a buyer said it was redeemed does not mean I can just get banned while it’s not even sure if the buyer was not a scammer himself, if its because I uploaded the same key twice, after selling 500 keys is there no way to make a simple error? Is that fair to get just banned without even receiving a warning that I uploaded the same key twice? I don’t even know if that happened but either way I can prove anything related to that item because I have physical game cards for these items so again I would really like to have this resolved but I won’t accept a permanent suspension because I didn’t do anything wrong and if I did it was by mistake which I can prove but not on purpose so can someone please join and help to get my account back because I am happy to verify anything needed or to prove that I didn’t do that on purpose +300 positive reviews compared to 3 bad ones should mean something and Gameflip should not just ban their legit sellers, if they can suspend an account like mine with such good standing this could happen to anyone at anytime so this should be taken serious so I hope that an admin can join and verify anything needed with me to get the account back up because I am 100% not a scammer otherwise I would not have done all sorts of verification.

Are there any admins active in the forum? Or did I post it in the wrong section? No answer for days.

@DarkKnight @DunnBiscuit

Please check this post because I really want the account back, again I can assure you that something just went wrong here the person suspending my account probably did it by mistake because again I have so many good reviews and nearly 0 bad ones, I never even got a warning not a single one that I do something wrong. I take this very serious and I even verified myself the most I could so I can’t just accept such suspension because again this means something to me so please try to join and check this, thanks.

Could you please answer me? Again I am not going to accept the suspension without a supervisor looking into it because this must be a mistake. I never received a warning and I nearly had 0 bad reviews, how can this result in a permanent suspension? I mean again I do this for living so I cant just move on, I am not a scammer, I even did all sorts of verification’s so please look into this, thanks.

@DarkKnight @DunnBiscuit

Look I am happy to involve my attorney to prove that I didn’t do anything wrong but it doesn’t have to become so complicated, all you need t do is to check my profile to see that I NEVER even received a warning or that I did have nearly 0 bad reviews so the person who suspended my account must have seen something wrong which I can easily clarify so before making things more complicated please just have someone look into it properly, thanks.

@DarkKnight @DunnBiscuit @MajorTom

Look I am happy to involve my attorney to prove that I didn’t do anything wrong but it doesn’t have to become so complicated…

If you’re going to make a threat, at least do it properly. When a former staff member stole something from my company, I didn’t give him any warnings. My legal team made sure he either showed up at the hearing or give us back the items. :wink:

If you’re ‘happy’ to involve lawyers, then why don’t you just do it? You think Gameflip cares at this point that you involve lawyers? Their site, their rules and in fact, they can ban you at any time. Go ahead and challenge that. :wink:


Its very simple because I was hoping that this can be solved without involving my attorney and making it public. I would not spend so much time writing these posts if Gameflip wouldnt mean anything to me, I fully verified myself and treated it as a real business but someone at Gameflip for some reason just suspended me without any warning and again I can just repeat myself we are talking about an account with nearly 0 bad reviews. So I just would like a supervisor to look at it and give me a chance to solve any disputes or other issues to prove that I have nothing to hide and that I had no bad intentions at any given time.

And its not true that they can just ban anyone at any given time, there are certain regulations they have to follow they cant just ban people whenever they feel like it, so thats why I am trying to have someone review the situation because I can guarantee that my account is in the top 1% of the best account on Gameflip so of course I want this to be solved the right way and not my account closed just because someone felt like suspending me permanently because of whatever reason.

This being said, someone just put my account back on! Whoever it was, thank you so much! Again I will NEVER scam someone and make sure I become a top seller! Thank you so much! I knew that it was just some sort of misunderstanding :slight_smile:

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