Guilty until proven innocent

August 21



Your account was suspended since you were revoking codes after the transactions were completed. I’m unable to provide you further help.

Seeing as the first topic was closed

My account is now suspended because I bought some codes off game flip
Hat in Time
and the escapist

I used the Conan code and I sold Hat in time, (cant remember if I sold escapist or gave it to a friend) on gameflip

Conan was revoked from my steam after the transaction had been completed and I suspect the code I sold was also revoked, but know this I didnt do anything wrong

I bought codes on gameflip which got revoked
so the code or 2 I sold that got revoked, were purchased off gameflip
If you look at the person that made the complaint and compare the Game CDKey to the SAME GAME I would of bought off game flip that day or the day before you will be able to verify this information

or am I just going to loose my account because no one could care less?

MrDogTastic is pretty reputable seller here, I think this should be checked a bit more.

Aren’t there suspensions that are not permanent for unintentional mistakes? I’m pretty sure sellers like him would refund buyers somehow even after transaction is completed.

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Thanks Champ

Hello! Can you please PM me, and send the transaction IDs of the codes you purchased, so I can check this further?

Thank you.

Hi Dunn, How do I get the transaction IDs without access to my account

You should have them in your emails.

With that information I can speed up this process.

Either way PM me, with the information you have, so I can investigate this further.

Thank you.

In the future you should avoid reselling codes if you can’t 100% trust the source as you are just putting everyone at risk. It’s no different than the people who knowingly put people at risk by buying on grey sites and list them here. Many code selling communities will ban you for being irresponsible and putting others at risk like this. You basically did scam the guy whether you had intention or not (he has a revoked code and you have/had his money.)

I dont keep every email

And you 000, thanks for your pointless comment

Thanks for putting buyers at risk to make a few dollars and getting suspended as a result. Clearly you have a great attitude as well. So glad to see you might not get banned. Maybe if you can avoid using vulgar language like a child your topic won’t get closed this time.

Here’s a link to help you with the difficult task of finding your lost email.

Dude, go hop on your highchair somewhere else, Im sick of having to put up with the likes of you when im just trying to get my account fix, I dont need to explain myself to you, but I bought the code for a friend who didnt want it so I sold it, I can have as much attitude as I want, it doesnt mean I am wrong or have to take anything from you, so go away.

I’m sick of people like you providing poor service that drives away buyers, tie up supports time while being rude to them, and feel entitled to ‘as much attitude as I want’. Get back in your highchair and take a timeout. Gameflip will be a better place while you are banned.

Ok you have had your last say, you can go now
Please note it made a big difference

Yeah, hopefully it showed what a douche you really are and highlights that your other post wasn’t just closed for no reason.

Ok, thanks for your help buddy

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I’m not your buddy, guy.

Thanks for verifying

That is enough guys.

If I see any behavior like that in the future I’ll have to suspend both here.

@MrDogTastic, please PM me as asked.

Thank you.

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