My account on Gameflip was suspended(XQR6MS )


My account on Gameflip was suspended with the following reason:

  • Involvement in other suspicious or fraudulent activity such as revoking codes after they were sold.

Actually, I still don’t understand what’s going on. Goods which i have sold on marketplace were very good. I had been working on Gameflip a little bit more than half year and almost every my client gave positive feedback In these very rare situations when something wrong i answered clients and helped to resolve cases as soon as possible. Also, there were no goods for which clients could get the revokes. Could you please check my case maybe there is some mistakes? And if there isn’t mistake may you please give more information about cases where buyers got the revokes? I will try to fix that issues and will give compensation for buyers.

How to fix this suspension on my account? I’m totally understand how important the reputation is for for Gameflip so if there was my fault i will fix it immediately. Waiting for you response as soon as possible.

I have $5000 on my wallet, and i’m really scary

Sincerely yours, Vladyslav Dikhtiaruk.


If you haven’t done so already, please reply to the email you received regarding your suspension. If you didn’t receive any, please contact our team below so they can help you further:


I’m make it few days ago- #350848 ticket id