Buyer is trying to scam me

I sold a beta code to this guy
and after he used my code which worked btw, he put the transaction on hold for no reason at all. He didn’t contact me saying the code doesnt work or anything. I checked by trying to redeem the code and it was already used so this dude basically toke the code and opened a case for no reason. the transaction id is f57339f3-196a-4637-b59d-8b5e6a60e3ff the code was sold over 2 days ago now. Heres a screenshot showing that he didnt even try to contact me

A moderator will help you using that transaction ID if they can, but you should know that beta codes aren’t allowed.

I think he’s scamming u because he know beta codes not allowed so he just used the code and open the dispute to get his money back. What a scammer :confused:

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sry i did not know beta codes are not allowed I just saw someone else selling it and I thought why not, if a mod can just help me I wont sell any more

If any mod can just help me, you can suspend my account after the transaction

Hello, after further investigation I cancelled the transaction. Please, do not list such items again, or your account might get suspended.

Thank you.