Is it legal to sale same code 2 times

Terms & Conditions didn’t say anything about it, so I am curious. Can I sell same code 2 times? For example one guy buy from me the code XXX but he won’t use it. Am I able to resell the code XXX, because the previous transaction is complete?

I feel bad for the moderators

What do you mean? I have been banned because someone sold me twice the same item. Is it not a question which I supposed to know??

What do you mean the buyer didnt use it?
Did the buyer rate you or no?

Why would you get banned if someone sold you the same code 2 times?

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Hi, nope. I immediately used the code and claimed situation to the Gameflip Team that he sold me used item (in previous order I received 2 items, one of them he resell to me again). I’ve seen this guy tried several times to resell codes which not belongs to him any more. It’s funny because I face the charges of overuse Gameflip return policy. I believe the Law of USA have clear mind about intellectual property and meaning of transfer the rights of virtual goods. I didn’t buy a license of using some goods. I bought full rights to own goods.

The Gameflip Team ask me to proof that I used the code before I claimed the issue. From their side it’s look he can resell the code I own already.
That’s the reason I have to ask, am I miss something.

Once you buy a code its better to redeem / use it before rating the seller. Once the seller sell the code to the buyer the code because the right of the buyer.

Most codes are a 1 time use so its not allowed to sell muti of the same codes being once its redeemed the first time the code wouldn’t work for any other.

Items you don’t have the right to sell

The listing or sale of items that you don’t have the right to sell is, of course, prohibited. With respect to any item(s) that you are listing, you must legally own the item(s) or have the full rights to sell the item(s). You are responsible for verifying what rights you have, and for adhering to all applicable terms and conditions with any third parties.

If you redeemed the code and the seller tries to revoke the code and you lose the code being the company of the codes from takes it back because the seller try telling the company of the code that their code was stole or someone used there credit card (stolen) to buy the code and they get there money back making the code you bought revoke then you can email gameflip to get your money back.

You said you used the code and it work. Im confused what you said.

“I didn’t buy a license of using some goods. I bought full rights to own goods.”

Did the seller revoke your code?
Btw what kind of gift card was it.

Sorry for my bad English

Hey Lucy, thanks for involvement :slight_smile: , MY English is far away from perfect.

The situation is like that, 26.02 I bought 2 games nVidia Origin codes: XXX code and YYY code. 28.02 I’ve seen another auction from same Seller with nice price and title “QUICKSELL” so I bid it and I received… code XXX again. I claimed the code is not redeemable or used. So I had to use the code XXX in case he going to sell it again and again. The Gameflip instead of look why this guy sold me twice code XXX, they kicked me out and now they keep asking me: did I buy an used item. They completely ignored the fact I owned this code already from previous order, did I do something wrong? I have to use the code immediately?

My apologies for a late reply was playing OW.
So you bought 3 items? 2 of them was the same code?

Its always better to redeem the code before rating them because once you rate them the transaction is complete. This tell gameflip the code work, they won’t help you after being you said the code work by rating them.
There is times gameflip will help you after you rate the seller but these are special situations.

You dont need to redeem right away but you take the risk of the seller using the code if you dont use it but rate them.


All purchases made on Gameflip are protected for free and our Gameflip Buyer Guarantee ensures that you get the item as described or your money back.

Buyers can use the Gameflip Buyer Guarantee when:

  • They don’t receive an item
  • They receive an item that does not work
  • They receive an item that doesn’t match the listing description

Most sellers work with buyers to quickly resolve issues, but if a solution isn’t reached, we can help.

DO NOT rate the Seller if you have received an item that is not working or as as described. By submitting a rating for the Seller, you are accepting the item and finalizing the transaction.

I would take a screenshot of both purchases and show them both codes are the same.
Send them both the order #.

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Hey Lucy,
You are real support. I gave bad feedback to this Buyer for first transaction, because code I received could not be redeemed(needs some special graphic card, I received that time 2 codes). I failed to report this order earlier, so no matter I rate or not it was completed. I asked Gameflip earlier what to do that with faulty keys they conform my doubts:

“After looking into this we see that this sale has been completed by either you clicking “Complete Transaction” or the three-day autocomplete timer expiring.” and " As stated in our instructions, Guidelines, and FAQ, clicking “Complete Transaction” finalizes the sale and transfers the funds to the seller which makes refunding you directly from the seller not possible ."

The second transaction I still have opened so I reported once I figured out he tried to cheat me. Instead of give me a refund, they suspended my account.
Yes, I took a screenshots and sent to Gameflip Team but they have ignored me. They replied only:

Thank you for contacting us. Can you send any unedited proof that the code was redeemed before you bought it? Only with that information, we’ll be able to provide further help.

It’s mean I have to proof that I have used a code belongs to me from different and finished transaction otherwise they will not take this case seriously. It’s paradox and it exactly allow Sellers to sell twice same item!

If they don’t take this case serious I will need some legal action. They confiscated goods I had for sell, my current balance and other stuff I have sold but not conform by Buyers. I don’t know why it’s so difficult for them to find out I got 2 same keys for different auctions.

Why did they banned you. The email should of give a reason.

I mean after you bought the first one you should of redeemed it and rated them. Once you bought the 3rd oneand seen it was the same code you should of ask the buyer wtf or open a dispute.

After buying something you have 3 days to rate if you don’t it will auto rate them Completing the order.

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I don’t know Lucy, I can guess they must protect someone who made wrong decision and suspend me. When I’ve been suspended items I sold earlier could be cancelled or users could claim anything they want not to pay for item after receiving… No one in this situation will want to take a responsibility of wrong action. So they keep asking me some details not important to the transaction.

Yes, I talked with Seller’s and he asked me to involve Gameflip in the discussion. I received over 18 messages from him. After I claimed issue my account has been suspended.

Some statistics, I claimed to Gameflip 1.6% bought products, most of them made by stolen cards. 3 days protection of Buyer I can say it’s not enough. I can say it’s enough to sell something used by stolen card before chargeback appear.
All other websites around the world can protect customers for 30 days from receiving item(s). Some even you can claim something wrong with the code after a year and they will still be able to help you.

Normal if they banned you regardless if its a Temporary suspension or Perminent suspension they were give you an email telling you why.

If you know your invite code you can DM @DunnBiscuit asking them why. They would give you the reason.

Remember this could of been a mess up on gameflip part but Dunn would need to look into it more.

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Lucy, I talked with Team almost a week. There is no attitude to help or read, what I sent and screenshots provided. After study of charges and essays sent I got this type of response:

We’ve suspended your account for the following reason: Providing fake or edited evidence while disputing a transaction / Opening dispute after successfully redeeming a code.

Thank you for reaching out to us and we apologize for the delay to respond to your issue.Since there’s been this delay caused by the large influx of tickets we’ve recently received, could you please let us know if you are still facing the reported issue? Just reply to this email and let us know the issue is not resolved. In case the issue is already resolved, please feel free to close this ticket or not reply to this message.

After looking into your account, we see that it was suspended for the following reason(s): - Providing fake or edited evidence while disputing a transaction. - Exploitation of Gameflip’s marketplace and/or Credits system by Opening dispute after successfully redeeming a code. Please note that creating or accessing other Gameflip accounts is prohibited for the duration of this suspension. The suspension is permanent.

and newest one:

Can you send any unedited proof that the code was redeemed before you bought it? Only with that information, we’ll be able to provide further help.

@DunnBiscuit is kind of upset because I sent him few PM. I didn’t know which transaction was faulty so I had to look into every case. I got 8 times returned money, so you can imagine, all cases I had to confirm with ownership website and provide some proof details from 3-rd part. I have completed my mission but the case is not solved. No one have ■■■■■ to look into the case. It’s easy to charge someone but not easy to make him free of charges.

We say you bought the code on monday you redeemed it right after buying it and you rated the seller.


2 day later you bought the 2nd code that was the same code (you should of open a dispute after seeing it was the code code as monday)
You go to your purchase history and send the screenshot of the monday one and tell them this code work they would see the date it was monday and they will see when you rated them. They would say okay that code work.
Then you go to the 2nd code you bought (the code that you said is the same as monday) you take a screenshot of that Transaction and you say this code cant be redeemed because this seller already try sending me this code that worked monday and this code is a Duplicate code he trying to resell me a code he already sold to me.

Please dont edit screenshot in anyway.

Lucy :heart:

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Haha Lucy, of course :slight_smile: Yeah, I made huge mistake. I didn’t realise from beginning it’s same code! So instead of send Gameflip Team screenshot with duplicated order… I sent them the screenshot with code doesn’t work. I don’t know how to reverse the situation. The Seller knew he doing something wrong however he was informed Gameflip about I try to… scam him.

No matter what I complained the auction was slightly abusive. I had rights to say code:

  • code was used
  • code was not redeemable (nVidia changed rules of redemption, not works on website)
  • code doesn’t belong to the Seller.

What can you advice in this situation?

All I can say is try asking dun or try Submit a request again.

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What he is talking about is that he bought a code ( you said you couldnt redeem it cus you needed nvidia, dont know what happened forward ) then you buy the same package and you get the same code… there are a lot of things that couldve happened. Better explain in details if you want to get helped. Did You get a refund for the first code? If so the buyer sold the same code because obviously you didnt use it, why would he keep it valid and working and not sell it just because you didnt read that you needed nvidia to redeem it… it is your fault… not the sellers, if that is the case.


  1. 26th codes nVidia works fine without any installation of software and checking your hardware is eligible. I bought 2 games X and Y in 1 auction.
  2. One code I redeemed. I didn’t ask for refund!
  3. 28th I bought the game X from the same Seller.
  4. Codes stop working on nVidia webpage. I claimed code is not redeemable or used. I sent the negative feedback about previous auction (XY) because I couldn’t use the code any more.
  5. I didn’t realised he sent me exactly same code twice (from first auction)!
  6. My account has been suspended. I don’t know what the proof provided that 20 comments guy made them sure I am cheesy mouse…

Thats another thing. You probably did something thats why. Selling you 2 same codes is enough proof for them to help you.

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Lets see, 1 week almost to solve the problem. Better don’t think what happened with my sold and waiting for acceptation by Buyers items.