Let's talk about reselling items...

So has anyone tried it? At the moment I’ve been selling a lot of Fortnite items and while business is good (more or less). I’ve been wondering how other games have been. I’m particularly interested in Warframe but also want to hear about other people’s experience with other games.

Any that hunt down resellers and ban quickly them? Has anyone actually been banned for reselling items or currency? If so how did it happen?

I am really curious about this and how different companies react to people reselling beyond the usual “you’ll get ban if you do it!” attitude you find in their forums.

I mean once you buy it and rate the seller your part of the transition is complete. The item is now classified as yours.
If you want to keep it or sell it that up to you.

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Warframe is not really demanding

Not exactly what I meant. I’m not talking about reselling what someone on gameflip sold. I’m selling in general.

“Resellers” is the term used for people who sell game content for RL money.

Are you referring to selling in-game items on gameflip?

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Yes. I’m wondering if anyone has ever had any trouble with getting banned for selling or has it all been just hogwash and people in the forums just trying to scare people off from buying/selling.


If the item does not fall under any of the PRODUCT CATEGORIES then it is prohibited from being listed on Gameflip. If you have a question about a specific item that you are unsure about, please feel free to contact Gameflip Support to ask if it’s appropriate.

Counterfeit and stolen items are strictly prohibited from being listed in our marketplace. Any item which includes a mark that is identical or substantially indistinguishable from a registered trademark, but is not manufactured by or with the consent of the trademark holder is considered to be “counterfeit” and prohibited. Listing items that are stolen or counterfeit will be deleted and any accounts associated with these listings could be suspended or banned. Further action, including criminal prosecution, may be taken.


Prohibited and counterfeited items

To be safe its better to Submit a ticket or ask @DunnBiscuit. I wouldn’t want you to get banned. Play it safe and ask a moderator with the kind of item you want to sell.

I don’t know what people could sold in the categorie of OTHER

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Do you mean will Valve pursue you? You aren’t likely to get a ban, but they do occur at high levels of trades. One GF bot did get hit around the time of the OPskins ban. You also technically risk losing your items if they lock trading like PUBG did. Other publishers such as Blizzard (WoW/D3/OW) strictly prohibit Real Money Transactions.

If you are asking if you are allowed to buy a knife or key from a user on here and resell it to another user that’s allowed and you’ll see users making offers on items from time to time. I’ll use the $2 off codes to buy a CS:GO Key and relist it on here if I can’t find something else I like.

Hope one of those or Lucy answered your question.

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No no no no… I think either I am explaining it wrong and/or Lucy is misunderstanding me and inadvertently derailing the thread.

I am a seller. A shop keeper. People buy stuff from me.

What I’m asking is what has the experience been like for other sellers in other games. Have any of them got in trouble for selling? Has business been good? Etc, etc.

I just want to know what other people’s experience has been like in other games. That’s all.

I make a nice amount with CS:GO items and that’s pretty good overall. Bot trades seem to sell much more quickly than the Coordinated transfer, but there’s a 7 day wait to list due to the cooldown so it slows things down. H1Z1/Z1 Battle Royal seems to be pretty dead now so I’d probably avoid that. PUBG was the 3rd game I did, but they shut that down as I mentioned. The discount codes you get via text message and that are posted on these forums help with getting items at a really good price at times (though I’m sure you could use that on Fortnite items). I don’t do business like I did in 2016/17 when trading was at it’s peak though, but it’s still a nice extra source of income and a hobby I enjoy. They have also been buffing and nerfing weapons in CS:GO which leads to price fluctuations and adds an extra interesting element.

You can take a hit like when gambling sites or OPskins were shut down or the 7 day CD were implemented causing a market crash, but over time most things retain your value if you can wait a few months after.