Is it legal to sell discount codes?

I saw someone sells Gameflip discount codes. It is really strange. I really don’t know how those people buy them.:joy: is it legal to sell something like this?

I don’t think that is right at all, considering you can get most of the code straight from Twitter or from here on the forums, @DarkKnight have you seen this,what’s the rules on this,seems ridiculous to me lol

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This seller also :joy:

How do they get the codes? I saw one in the comments on one of their listings, it’s BENDUBYA25. Never see that code here on forums or twitter before.

Also sellkey25

If you attach phone # You codes regularly

Are they legit and allowed? If so, Im down to buy em lol

Also, I doubt Gameflip leaves 20 promo codes active at the same time nor do I think they reuse promocode words/phrases again at a later time. I also find it HIGHLY suspicious that that many people would buy this “package” of codes…6 sales of this bundle within a week (according to number of reviews). I don’t know how 6 people would go out, searching for promo codes on the marketplace. If an admin/moderator were to investigate this, also take a look at what codes are contained when purchasing this.

Hello _aa and others included,

Simply not. All Gameflip codes are freely available to the public, therefore prohibited to be sold on the platform or any others. Note that any items which are not stated in the Gameflip Guidelines are also prohibited to be sold on Gameflip.

Thanks, Aeralo.

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Hey everyone,

Thanks for the report.

I verified and can see that these are no longer found.

If you see anymore, feel free to report since they are not allowed to be sold :wink:

God Speed! :trident: