Hello, I'm Dustin

Hello, I’m Dustin. I’m a 24 year old content creator here to sell steam codes and such that I am not using or going to use at a steeply discounted price. I also will be looking to buy games that I will play every so often. I am excited to buy and sell new games.

Let’s play on!


I’m selling some steam wallet codes, they add credits on your account and you can buy any games you want

You seem to be selling codes for more money than the code is worth. I would not spend nearly $14 on a $10 card when I can just spend $10 on a game or buy a $10 outright from the offical vendor.

You can get a code for another region than the US, they offer some cheaper games. I have some brazillian, colombian, and Indian codes for cheaper games. also you are able to pay less than $10 for the code by using a gameflip promocode.

  • the most common codes usually gives 10% off

  • 20% off promo codes aren’t that rare and they are good to pay the card value like exactly $10 on a $10 card

  • codes can give up to a crazy 50% off on discounts

You can do whatever you want after receiving the code, it doesn’t need to be redeemed immediately, you can give it to someone, sell or just forget it for now. The code doesn’t expires, can be redeemed years later

That’s basically how the gameflip seller works when they do a serious business, either the card is as described but you paying a little more or you are purchasing a Australian code that was sold as a USA code with 10% off.

Everyone is reselling codes or selling cheap to trade for something else on gameflip instead of doing serious business and I’m not even talking about the stolen codes scam yet

The price also including how much I paid on the code, gameflip fees to sell and withdraw, some bank fees to receive and send international transfers and get all the codes you want and some government taxes (transfer and income tax), a small contribution to me get some more expensive codes in the future and then a few cents for my profit

what games are you looking for?

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Hello, this is Winifred, interested in it :heartpulse: