yay new codes and new gift cards

Hello boys, some people previously requested me some gift cards but I wasn’t with too much cash to purchase codes so I was just creating listing without autodelivery and only purchasing cards after it’s sold

In this October month, I added in autodelivery what people asked me: PlayStation, Google play and Amazon codes (all US codes for now) and I still have over $400+ USD remaining to purchase any new codes request

I also remember about a steam Argentina 500ars request that was out of stock, I guess that person wanted to get cheap games from that region.

Famous codes for cheap games on gameflip like Argentina and turkey are usually out of stock (either they are not giving too much codes or another people are taking all codes, redeeming for themselves or selling) and the Russia ones, I couldn’t even find it when searching : (

But I still can get some Indian, brazillian and Colombian codes, what do you guys think?

Wanting some cheaper games? money have different values around the world, stuff can be cheaper and more expensive on some places

my offer for cheaper games is Indian, brazillian and Colombian codes, starting with steam. you may found GTA V for $6.50 with brazillian code or for $11 on colombian codes and its just a example

it’s not adivisable for your safety to try save cash on non-gaming stuff like amazon, laws won’t accept it

Hello guys, i wanted to say that now we have our first global codes!

i’m talking about the razer gold gift cards, they are the best option for new buyers due to being global code and also being the cheapest for now.

these global codes start at $1 USD credits and the credit should be converted to your local currency. we have 1,2,5,10,20,50,100,200,300,400 and 500 USD codes

hello boys, now we started to offer grubhub and xbox live gold codes

Hello boys, the new gift card is Xbox Live Gold 1 month

the another one was 2 days or 48 hours subscription and it was $1.27 so you was going to need 15 codes to get a month and its 15 x 1.27 = $19.05, not even mentioning its too much time consuming

now you can get a entire month on a single code for $11.65

people complains a lot about my gift card prices (mainly the steam cards) so i’m starting to sell some cheaper cards. there is nothing hidden, card was just purchased from another place or seller and with a cheaper price

i wasnt selling $20 steam cards before, so i created both listings for a better price comparision. no issues in purchasing any

Massive new codes OMG go check now, its too much listings to share a link to each one

Brazillian Codes
Google Play, xbox, steam, playstation

Australian Codes
Google Play, Amazon, iTunes, Target, xbox and playstation

Google Play, itunes, playstation, amazon

Entire Europe
Steam, xbox gift card and xbox live gold subscription

United Kingdom
Just xbox live gold subscription for now : (

how to purchase gift card from you

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@neza To buy from someone specific, you can go to the his/her Gameflip profile page and scroll down. It is provided above in the topic.

By carefully and correctly picking the company, the correct region restriction and then currency and then balance

Company: google play, steam, Amazon and others

Region restriction: normally a two letter abreviation on the tittle ending

Currency: 3 letter abreviation right after the balance

Example: $10.00 CAD Steam Wallet Code (CA)

Company: steam
Credit: $10
Currency: Canadian Dollar (CAD)
Region restriction: Canada (CA)